IDIS and GardaWorld Announce New and Upcoming International Video Surveillance Installations

The leading Cash Services provider in North America is installing IDIS technology across 250+ sites in a multi-national mix of new and upgraded video surveillance capability

IDIS and GardaWorld announced the successful installation rollout of IDIS video surveillance technology across multiple sites in the United States and Canada. The existing installations include more than 800 IDIS cameras and recorders, a number that will continue to grow with ongoing and planned installations in 2017.

The international installations feature customized combinations of latest generation technology from IDIS, including analog and IP networked cameras and recorders and powerful IDIS video management software (VMS), scaled and customized across 250+ sites, including those in large, small, urban, and rural environments, both upgrades and new installations. More than 800 IDIS cameras, recorders, and the establishment of two major central monitoring facilities reflect a seamless integration of IDIS DirectCX analog and DirectIP™ technology, and the powerful agility of IDIS’s most powerful and flexible VMS, IDIS Solution Suite. Both the larger solution and individual site installations were customized to meet specific requirements for each site, while IDIS’s signature ease of installation and use minimized installation time, headaches, and effectively eliminated downtime for the 24/7 security solutions provider.

“GardaWorld’s reputation as a global leader in the security space preceded it and it has been our honor to partner with them to maximize safety and security through next-generation surveillance,” said Andrew Myung, President of IDIS America. “IDIS has made our mark over 20 years in the surveillance industry providing a complete range of agile, flexible, single-sourced surveillance solutions, able to meet any need of any size. Our work with GardaWorld—seamlessly incorporating DirectCX and DirectIP offerings, as needed to meet the requirements of multiple sites of differing size, while still delivering comprehensive situational awareness and an optimized surveillance posture to our client—is a true example of this differentiator. We are proud of what we have done with GardaWorld so far and look forward to our future work with this industry leader.”

Noted Guy Côté, Vice President and Chief Security Officer for GardaWorld, “GardaWorld is a known global leader in security, cash logistics, and cash management, with a reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction in all we do. The safety and security of both our customers’ assets and the employees in our GardaWorld family is our paramount concern. So it is no exaggeration to say that our standards are high when it comes to the security solutions we, in turn, deploy to secure our own operations.”

“IDIS meets our high standards and more with a surveillance offering that is as committed to our security requirements as we are. IDIS technology delivers powerful features and capabilities in a variety of ways that meet needs as diverse as our differing locations and custom requirements. Whether analog or IP networked solutions, new installations or upgrades, or at urban or remote sites, IDIS solutions have proven flexible, scalable, and customizable to deliver the appropriate technology in the ideal way for each requirement. We are pleased with the partnership we have created with IDIS over the past year and look forward to the continued benefit we’ll receive from current and planned installations of IDIS technology.”

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