Network Readiness Checklist: Top Tips from Pros on How to Simplify IP Migration, Avoid Risk, Remove Complexity, Save Money

Making the decision to migrate to the advanced capabilities of an all IP-based security and surveillance solution is the best strategy for protecting your people, customers, partners, and business. The challenges can be many, including infrastructure rip and replace, security breaches and risk due to system downtime and outages, and more.

Proper planning is critical to avoiding unnecessary costs, risks, and disruption in your business. Experienced industry leaders around the globe all agree that the most affordable, easy, fast, and secure way to upgrade any LAN to all IP is implementing long reach PoE switches.

This Readiness Checklist provides important steps already used by thousands of customers to complete their IP migrations in record-time and with budget saving in the $Ms. Here's what they did:

#1: Take Device Inventory.
Document all of the IP devices to be deployed and where they will be located (e.g., IP cameras, speakers, phones, etc.).

#2: Consider Bandwidth Needs.
Determine the bandwidth that is required to serve each IP device today, and in the future. The point-to-point topology and dedicated bandwidth per device will ensure efficiency no matter what other traffic loads are on the production or other network(s) (e.g., IP cameras typically require between 3MBPs uplink/ 50MBPs downlink).

#3: Remember Power Requirements.
IP security and surveillance devices typically require between 5W and 30W of power each.

#4: Physically Separate Networks.
IP devices and applications probably won't want be on your core production network. With the bandwidth-heavy requirements of streaming video, it is highly recommended to have a physically separate LAN for IP security-related devices.

#5: Leverage Existing Infrastructure.
The existing coax point-to-point infrastructure can be leveraged with new long reach PoE over coax switches. By transforming the existing coax infrastructure when migrating to IP, you save on costs associated with ripping and replacing the infrastructure.

#6: Migrate with Long Reach Switches.
Replace costly IDF closets with long reach PoE and Power over Coax (PoC) switches. These powerful migration solutions do not create new IDF closet requirements, rather, they eliminate the need for them all together. Long reach PoE switches are power-packed connecting IP devices and applications at greater distances than typical PoE switches can.

#7: Reallocate Budget Savings.
Experience rapid RoI by repurposing your existing infrastructure with long reach PoE switches, and reallocate your budget savings too higher-value applications and services that will positively impact business growth and profitability goals.

By applying these seven steps to network requirements, and being open to long reach PoE switching innovations designed to simplify your IP migration, you can achieve the kind of migration you didn't think possible. Contact us:

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