ISONAS Kicks Off New Year with the Release of Pure Access 2.0 Software Platform

ISONAS Inc.  announced that the company has released Pure Access 2.0 to ring in the new year.  Launched in 2016, Pure Access, is a family of leading access control software products comprised of a fully hosted platform, Pure Access Cloud and an on-premise option, Pure Access Manager.Pure Access provides a complete access control platform allowing for full installation, administration and management of ISONAS’s patented Pure IP™ access control hardware. ThePure Access software platform provides a modern user interface that establishes a new standard for ease of use in managing an unlimited number of access points across any geography through a mobile device, tablet or browser.  The 2.0 update adds new features that expand the capability of the platform; which includes a direct integration with Microsoft’s Active Directory and a custom rules engine.

With the addition of Active Directory, users of Pure Access 2.0 can unify IT and physical security platforms and centrally manage people and groups from a single interface. The integration allows selected user information such as name, badge ID, PIN number, and access control permissions to be transferred from Active Directory toPure Access with an automated synchronization.  This eliminates any manual intervention and potential errors helping to simplify cardholder management.  In many organizations, Active Directory is utilized as the main user management database, integrating to a wide range of other business systems, and with this integration ISONAS customers can now leverage their centralized source of user data and simplify their training process for an access control platform.

The second new feature in Pure Access 2.0, a custom rules engine, gives customers the ability to trigger actions or responses when a specific event occurs. An email alert can be set up to track a specific alert or credential along with dashboard notifications, giving ISONAS customers notification of actions in real-time.  These rules allow users a more granular view and total control of their access control system. 

With the official launch of the Pure Access software platform in 2016, a number of certified integrator partners and customers have moved onto the new Pure Access software and are extremely happy with the user experience, “At ISONAS, the product vision continues to evolve and focus on making the experience of our customers even more efficient and simpler,” states Rob Mossman, CEO at ISONAS.The release of Pure Access 2.0 is a testament to this and we continue to focus our resources on providing products focused on our customers’ needs in 2017.”

The company continues to stay true to its culture of pushing the envelope in new access control technologies and driving the Pure IP™ revolution forward. Pure IP™ technologies are becoming the future in access control technology creating open platforms and providing customers with a choice in their access control.

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