It's Opening Day

Every year, just like throwing out the first pitch at the baseball park, it's opening day at ISC West. By the time this is electronically delivered, all of us will have been a couple hours into the morning. I'm hoping floor traffic on Day One is heavy and noisy.

Here are a few things I'm looking forward to see, and a few things I just wanted you to be aware.

Securitas has a presence on the show floor this week, but their biggest news is a grand opening of the new Securitas Electronic Security headquarters in Uniontown, Ohio. Had to look up Uniontown but it is conveniently located between Akron and Canton. Their afternoon festivities at the open house are on April 20. Let them know you're coming, but if you're in the area, stop in and celebrate.

Altronix always has something new going on. This year is no different as they unveil their NetWay Spectrum Fiber Solutions. Alan Forman, president of Altronix said that adaptive transmission technologies continue to support the growth of IP video and access systems.

The NetWay Spectrum series has hardened PoE switches and Ethernet over fiber media converters to accommodate single or multi-mode fiber. This also includes composite cable, which combines fiber with copper to simultaneously deliver low-voltage power and data up to a mile distance.

Bosch Security Systems is introducing new intelligent devices and is highlighting products and services to help customers increase revenue. At the Bosch booth, you will find a new portfolio of IP cameras, video analytics that extend surveillance beyond security, and services that create recurring monthly revenue opportunities for dealers.

The new portfolio of IP cameras will come with video analytics at the edge … as a standard feature. Remember all the buzz about analytics a few years back? You might want to have a look at these products and see if they fill your needs.

I haven't heard from Mobotix for quite a while but they also are brining video analytics to the game. They are introducing smart IP cameras, along with the intelligent 3D motion detection system using on-board analytics to reduce false alarms caused by atmospheric conditions, animals and debris.

Should be an incredible three days of technology and innovation. Lace up your shoes and let the opening day begin.

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Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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