Dallas EMT Shooting Raises Questions about Arming First Responders

Dallas EMT Shooting Raises Questions about Arming First Responders

Dallas PD and first responders received a call about a suicide; the shooting spree that unfolded leaves many questions to be answered.

A Dallas paramedic was badly injured on Monday, May 1, when first responders received a call about a suicide on the East side of Dallas. When they showed up, a man open fired on the EMTs, critically injuring one.

Police scoured the neighborhood where the shooting took place for hours before finding him dead inside a home with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Another man, a civilian, was also found dead inside the home.

In the shadow of this terrible incident which ultimately left one dead, one critically injured and another wounded, a question is raised: should all first responders, including firefighters and paramedics, be armed when they respond to calls?

The shooting in Dallas highlighted several Texas bills that would allow first responders to carry guns on the job. House Bill 56, for example, would allow first responders with handgun licenses to use a handgun while on duty.

Many believe that arming first responders would give a false sense of security, noting that it is one thing to be trained to use a gun and another thing to know how to mitigate a violent situation. It is also very uncommon for first responders to arrive on the scene of a violent crime without backup from a local police department who are armed and trained to diminish such violent threats.

Currently, in Texas it is up to the city to allow first responders to carry guns while on duty, but at this time Security Today is unaware of any departments that allow this security measure.

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