Air Force Recruiting Office Rocked by Explosion

Air Force Recruiting Office Rocked by Explosion

Local and federal authorities in Brixby, Oklahoma are investigating an explosion at the entry way of an Air Force recruiting office.

Local and federal authorities are investigating an explosion at a US Air Force recruiting office in Brixby, Oklahoma according to the local police station.

Bomb squads from Brixby and Tulsa responded around 10:30 p.m. Monday night to the report of an explosion in Brixby, just a few miles outside Tulsa. The FBI and ATF responded to the scene as well.

The motive behind the bombing is unclear at this time, but local police told reporters that the public would see an update from both local and federal agencies the morning of July 11.

A local news station reports a witness saw a person on a motorcycle drove by and threw a backpack with a pipe bomb in it at the office entrance.

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