Erie Insurance Arena Improves Security Measures

Erie Insurance Arena Improves Security Measures

Authorities at Erie Insurance Arena enhance security though metal detectors and other security measures to increase patron safety.

Permanent security measures will now greet patrons as they arrive at Erie Insurance Arena in in Erie, Pennsylvania to enjoy concerts, hockey and basketball games.

Walk-through metal detectors have been installed at the 8,000 seat arena to improve safety for all patrons, according to local news stations. The security enhancement, along with other updates including additional cameras and monitoring systems, is consistent with a nationwide trend at public assembly facilities.

The eight metal detectors will be fully operational starting July 29 and will be standard operating procedure for anyone entering the building during an event.

"Metal detectors are an effective method for event security to quickly and safely screen patrons and prevent prohibited items from entering the building," said Casey Wells, Erie Events Executive Director. "The extra security measure is necessary for a building that welcomes nearly 400,000 patrons on an annual basis."

Before the metal detectors were installed, employees had been conducting searches of patrons with magnetic wand screenings and visual bag checks. The metal detectors will work to quickly move patrons to pass through security while shrinking the soft target on patrons waiting in lines to get inside the arenas.

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