Scotland’s Biggest Arts Festival to See Increased Security

Scotland's Biggest Arts Festival to See Increased Security

In the wake of terrorist attacks in London and Manchester, security measures will be added to Scotland’s Edinburgh Fringe arts festival to keep participants safe.

It’s no secret that large events these days are a target for terrorism. In the wake of terrorist attacks in London and Manchester, Scotland is picking up the slack and increasing security at one of the country’s largest arts festivals.

The security measures will be introduced during the Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe. Part of the security plan is to erect security barriers to prevent vehicles from being driven into pedestrians.

The police of Scotland’s Edinburgh division made the announcement on Facebook, saying the barried will be introduced over three weeks in August.

The post explained that the police reviewed their own security procedures after attacks in other parts of the world. Following the review they submitted a request for the deployment of the National Barrier Asset or NBA.

“The NBA is a temporary deployed system including high security gates, portals and barriers, which are designed to prevent hostile vehicle attacks on key or busy crowded place locations,” the post read.

The police insisted that there were no known or credible threats to the festival at this time and the installation of security measures was purely based out of an abundance of caution.


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