Increased Security for Sydney Airport after Foiled Terrorist Plot

Increased Security for Sydney Airport after Foiled Terrorist Plot

Airport security in Australia is seeing an increase after police arrested an Islamist-inspired terror cell that was plotting to blow up an aircraft.

Questions on the state of airport security in Australia are coming to a head after police arrested a Islamist-inspired terror cell that was allegedly planning to blow up an aircraft.

The terror cell of two middle-aged men and their sons is a great departure from the kinds of attacks Australia’s forces are looking for: low-tech and lone wolf. Police caught wind of the group of men when they found out there was an “elaborate” plan to build an improvised explosive device that could take down a plane.

Bomb squad officers and police raided five properties in Sydney over the weekend and found a homemade bomb that they believe could have been possibly planted on a commercial flight.

The operation has forced authorities to reexamine emergency security arrangements at all major Australian airports. New measures were introduced to Sydney’s airport before the raids, after threat was determined.

The measures included extra screening and additional checks of cabin and checked luggage. The additional screening is expected to lead to longer lines and frustrated travelers.

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