For the second time in a month, HBO has fallen victim to cyber criminals.

HBO Social Media Accounts Compromised in Second Hack

For the second time in a month, HBO has fallen victim to cyber criminals.

In the latest cybersecurity breach, HBO’s social media accounts were hacked by OurMine, a group notorious for hacking high-profile Twitter accounts of Netflix and Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerburg last year.  

After the network’s main Facebook and Twitter accounts were compromised late Wednesday night, including the Game of Thrones series’ account, the group blasted multiple posts announcing the successful cyberattack.

“Hi, OurMine are here,” the @gameofthrones tweet said. “We are just testing your security, HBO team please upgrade the security – ­- > Contact.”

The popular show’s Facebook page was also hacked with posts attempting to get the hashtag #HBOHacked trending.

Most of the social media posts were removed shortly after.

This hacking scandal comes on the heels of another HBO cyberattack in July. The network is still reeling after unidentified hackers leaked multiple scripts and full episodes of HBO content. Executives are looking into reviewing cybersecurity practices to prevent future breaches.

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