Mercury Security and Open Options Celebrate 20 Years of Partnership, Success and Innovative Access Control Solutions

This year marks the 20th anniversary of a successful partnership between Mercury Security, a global leader in the supply of OEM access control hardware and Open Options, the leader in open platform access control solutions. For two decades, the companies have collaborated to deliver cutting edge security systems that meet the unique requirements of customers all over the world. As the companies celebrate their long-standing partnership, Mercury and Open Options are more focused than ever on delivering open platform-based access control solutions.

"Since the inception of both companies, Mercury and Open Options have been dedicated to providing access control solutions that meet the dynamic and increasingly sophisticated demands of organizations across numerous industries,” said Matthew Barnette, President of Mercury Security. “Our joint success is symbolic of a shared commitment to continuous innovation and our vision of delivering open architecture systems that empower customers with the freedom and peace of mind that non-proprietary solutions offers."

As a Platinum Elite partner, Open Options products and solutions leverage Mercury’s open hardware platform for interoperability, support for open standards such as PSIA, OSDP and BACnet, and third-party integrations that include wireless lock products, elevator control, and identity management applications. Additionally, Open Options supports Mercury’s M5 Bridge series for Casi retrofit applications and the award-winning MS Bridge series for legacy Software House conversions - both of which offer end customers a seamless migration path to the future.

"The Mercury partnership represents a banner collaboration that has always played an important role for Open Options as we forged our path as one of the first access control providers to embrace the power of true open architecture," said Brent Doherty, Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Open Options. "Our customers benefit from flexibility, increased ROI and scalability throughout the lifecycle of their systems, while our commitment to an open model also enables organizations to easily add the latest technologies – an important feature as they look toward more streamlined systems and smarter environments in the future."

The latest collaboration between the two companies involves new Open Options solutions that will leverage elevator destination control and dispatch capabilities embedded into Mercury’s new EP4502 controller. The latest integration will enable building tenants and visitors to experience personalized elevator service while improving the flow of building traffic for facility managers.

"Open Options has the unique ability to package and accelerate time to market for Mercury products, making it possible for them to quickly develop new solutions that improve the end user experience," said Barnett.

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