TSA Rolls Out New Screening Rule

TSA Rolls Out New Screening Rule

Now all electronics bigger than a cell phone must be placed in their own bin.

The Transportation Security Administration is asking travelers to show up with 90-minutes to spare before their flight takes off so that they will be able to make it through the screening lines with no delay after a new screening measure was put in place.

Travelers around the country will now be asked to place all electronics that are bigger than a smartphone in a separate bin, much like laptops are treated in screening procedures now.

According to TSA, terrorists have gotten savvier at disguising bombs as electronic components, so airport screeners are now taking a closer look at laptops, tablets and other devices before allowing them into the secured areas of airports and onto air planes.

Now people traveling with computers, gaming consoles, tablets, cameras and other large electronics will be asked to place each item in it's own bin, with nothing on top of or under the device.

The rule was said to have started the rollout process in July, but several airports are just now seeing implementation in the first week of October prompting longer lines and confused travelers. TSA has said the new procedure will be used at all airports nationwide by early next year.



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