iOS 11 Security and Privacy Settings to Check Right Now

iOS 11 has some settings you should adjust to keep a tighter lid on your online privacy and security.

Do you know what you’re sharing online?

When it comes to browsing online, consumers often share more personal data than they realize. With the release of iOS 11 ON DATE, now is a great time for Apple users to check their iPhone settings to keep a tighter lid on their online privacy and security. Here are some settings you should adjust.

Location Services: Location Services uses GPS, Bluetooth and other information to pinpoint your approximate location. While this may be helpful using Maps on a road trip, you may not want Facebook to know where you are. iOS 11 introduces the option to opt in on an app-by-app basis. In Settings > Privacy > Location Services, there is the option to turn on Location Services at large, as well as a list of every app that may ask for your location. You can set each app’s permissions to “While Using,” “Always” or “Never,” depending on who you want to grant access to and under what circumstances.

Safari Settings: Under Settings > Safari, iOS 11 adds options to Block Pop-ups, Prevent Cross-Site Tracking and Ask Websites Not To Track Me. Preventing cross-site tracking aims to limit the ability of third parties to trace your unique browsing habits and the sites you visit. In addition, Apple can send websites requests to not track you, but it’s up to the website to honor this request.

Limit Ad Tracking: If targeted ads make you uncomfortable, Apple offers the ability to limit the information used to deliver ads to you under Settings > Privacy > Advertising. You’ll still be served ads, but they’ll be less tailored to you, specifically.


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