LAX to Test Facial Recognition in Place of Boarding Passes

LAX to Test Facial Recognition in Place of Boarding Passes

New technology at LAX hopes to get passengers through airport security quickly.

New technology designed to get passengers through airport security faster and with less hassle is being tested in the international terminal at Los Angeles International Airport.

One of the new technologies being tested uses facial recognition to match passengers to their boarding passes and identification electronically. It will be tested on a voluntary basis over the next three weeks during the morning and afternoon rush periods.

Travelers who tested the equipment said that the process was easy to use and did work quickly, but there were several people who said the system did not recognize their face and ultimately could not match them up to their information.

TSA and LAX are also testing out advanced imaging technology designed to be fasted and less claustrophobic for travelers. Instead of going through body scanners, passengers will stand in front of an imaging machine while TSA agents look for anything suspicious.



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