Campus Security Solutions Highlighted at ISC West

Campus Security Solutions Highlighted at ISC West

Several companies at ISC West are dedicated to bringing safety and security to campuses across the country.

There’s a lot going on in the world these days, and unfortunately due to recent events, campus security has become a bit of a buzz word. ISC West is the perfect place for companies to showcase their new solutions, software and products to those who are looking to protect their students, administration and faculty.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with a few companies that do an excellent job of putting campus security at the forefront of the brand, bringing affordable and easy-to-use solutions to campuses that need it the most.

One of the coolest and most awesome products I saw were the attack resistant doors at ASSA ABLOY’s booth. ASSA ABLOY and School Guard Glass have partnered to offer Attack Resistant Door Openings. This new product is a complete doorway system that delays or thwarts an attacker’s entry into a room long enough for occupants to seek safety and first responders to arrive.

The opening meets test standards for forced entry and ballistic resistant levels of protection for various threats set forth based on the FBI’s Active Shooter Report (tested to 5-aa10 test standards). While the door or glass may not stop a bullet from penetrating the opening, the attack resistant door assembly can withstand an intense 4-minute physical attack after being shot 60 times with 7.62 NATO rounds.

Attack Resistant Openings bridge the gap between standard doors and high level bullet resistant openings. This cost-effective solution permits increased protection throughout buildings, either through retrofit of existing infrastructure or in new construction. Doors, frames and hardware are available in various colors and finishes to accommodate many interior and exterior applications.

During my time at the show I also slowed down long enough to talk with Morse Watchman who was demonstrating their AssetWatcher at ISC West. AssetWatcher is an RFID-enabled locker system that enables businesses to secure and track valuable assets. Supporting over 10,000 users on a single system, the AssetWatcher RFID technology allows you to easily track who is removing or replacing an asset along with when and where in the system the asset has been taken from or placed into.

In addition, AssetWatcher has many features already proven on KeyWatcher, including SMS and email notifications, multi-site operation, multi-user capability, and scheduled reporting. Equipped with three operation modes and offered in 10, 22, and 34-locker variants, AssetWatcher can also be adapted to suit a variety of applications and enterprises.

I also had the privilege of meeting with NIGHTLOCK Door Security Services. Their mission is to provide schools, universities, churches and government buildings with a simple and cost-effective solution to keep people safe during a hostile threat and I believe they have really succeeded in that goal with their NIGHTLOCK solutions.

The NIGHTLOCK Lockdown 1 uses the strength of the floor to withstand tremendous force, and works on any outward- and inward-swinging doors. The NIGHTLOCK unit is installed at floor level, and remains out of reach to anyone attempting to enter by breaking window glass on conventional classroom and office doors.

Utilizing the structural stability of the metal door frame, this model also withstands tremendous force but requires no floor mounting. Works on outward-swinging doors only with hollow metal door frames. Because NIGHTLOCK 2 is also installed at floor level, it remains out of reach to anyone attempting to enter by breaking door windows.

These are amazing campus security solutions and I am happy to bring them to our readers. I can’t wait to see how these products are implemented in campuses across the country.

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