LENSEC Celebrates 20th Anniversary Manufacturing IP-based Video Surveillance

LENSEC is proud to be celebrating our 20th year in the physical security industry. The company was founded November 6, 1998 as Progressive Systems, a custom solutions provider of networked video surveillance. This year marks a milestone of perseverance in an ever-changing industry.

As a pioneer in browser-based video management, Progressive Systems was able to lead the physical security industry in the transition from analog-based cameras to devices communicating over an IP network architecture. In the infancy of the internet, the company started with an idea to stream network video with the very first IP network cameras

Throughout the beginning of the 21st Century, LENSEC has worked with many different markets by installing and managing countless cameras around the world. Physical security experts at LENSEC continue to bring a collective knowledge to government entities, healthcare organizations, commercial businesses, higher education institutions, K-12 education campuses, critical infrastructure sites, the oil and gas marketplace, and others.

Now in our 20th year, LENSEC still provides ground-breaking solutions with our HTML5-based video management software, Perspective VMS®. LENSEC remains relevant, forging the way for the physical security industry. The company is in-touch with customers, seeking feedback and developing new features based on customer ideas. LENSEC leadership strives to develop solutions using customer interaction and productivity as the top priority.

LENSEC Chief Product Officer, Jeff Kellick says, “While 20 years as a technology company is a notable accomplishment, what continues to make LENSEC outstanding is our exceptional staff. LENSEC employees continue to innovate every day just as they have done since day one. Most of our team members have been with LENSEC for more than 5 years. Many reach the 10-year mark or beyond, including our Sr. Project Managers Mike Fedor and Chris Dowell, both of whom have provided their experience and support to our customers for over 17 years. LENSEC is grateful to have a dedicated team helping customers in critical areas of physical security and video surveillance.”

LENSEC continues to pioneer the industry, striving to provide software that is easy for customers to use. Building on LENSEC’s mission to deliver innovation with web-based tools, Perspective VMS® is a video surveillance software used by security teams. With our unified platform, first responders can react and respond to security events. Perspective VMS® is designed for surveillance systems that are scalable for small operations or enterprise organizations. PVMS is intended for an unlimited number of security devices. Our products enable real-time situational awareness for our customers.

With 20 years of experience under our belt as a manufacturer, and history as an integration company, LENSEC has learned what works and what to avoid. Employees carry that expertise, offering it to value- added resellers. The LENSEC team learns and shares knowledge with our VAR partners, making their jobs easier, and making them winners with their customer-base.

LENSEC is excited about our 20th anniversary As part of our celebration, we’re giving away several notable prizes for partners and customers in the United States. We have 20 prizes that we will give away on several dates between October 1st and November 6th. The contest is for everyone, but LENSEC VAR Partners get an extra opportunity to participate. There are special prizes that are intended for VAR Partners only. Also, the LENSEC team is submitting one entry for each VAR partner entry on your behalf.

With that said, we’re also inviting everyone else to join in on the fun. Everyone can enter, but you can only win once. We have three opportunities to win. Here’s a sneak peek at our prize giveaway list.

  • Perspective VMS In-House Evaluation Server
  • Travel voucher for Perspective VMS Technical Certification Training
  • BST Security Megapixel Network Security Camera
  • IPVM Personal Pro Annual Membership
  • LENSEC 20th Anniversary Appreciation Combo Pack

LENSEC 20th Anniversary Giveaway contest Rules and Registration may be found on our website at this link: https://lensec.com/contest/. Join LENSEC by celebrating with us during our 20th anniversary event.

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