Perimeter Security Measures Go Up for Final Four

Perimeter Security Measures Go Up for Final Four

Minneapolis is securing the Final Four games with perimeter security solutions such as fences and metal detectors.

With just a little more than a week to go until the the Final Four face off in the last few games of the NCAA Tournament, Minneapolis is picking up speed on installing the security solutions that will keep players, coaches and fans safe.

Workers are already putting up chain-link fencing across the street from the U.S. Bank Stadium and installing several tents that will contain walk-through metal detectors. These temporary screening checkpoints have become common part of the fan experience at big events and as Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey put it: We got this.

"From the X Games to the Super Bowl, to the baseball All-Star Game, now to the NCAA Final Four," Frey said. "We do these events. We do them with style."

Frey and local law enforcement recently unveiled a public safety campaign that will go into effect a few days before the games are to begin. Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said the overall security presence will be smaller than it was for the 2018 Super Bowl, since there will be no National Guard soldiers stationed in the city. The perimeter around the stadium will also be less expansive as well.

However, Arradondo said officers from at least 30 city, state and federal law enforcement agencies will be part of the security team. 

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