An Amazing Second Day at ISC West

A big slap on the back to the staff at SIA and ISC West, including the hundreds of exhibitors at this year's ISC West. The second day was incredible. Attendees and exhibitors alike have to be pleased with the technology and innovations on display.

Here are a few things I learned yesterday.

Avigilon unveiled its H5A camera line. According to company officials, this line lays the foundation for its next generation of intelligent video solutions. The H5A camera line will offer expanded object classification analytics as well as detailed object detection and tracking in crowded scenes. This will empower Avigilon Control Center operators to detect, verify and act faster by bringing potentially critical events to the forefront of their attention.

"Built with state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms, it is designed to recognize and classify different objects such as weapons and backpacks with incredible accuracy, helping bring a more proactive approach to security," said James Henderson, president of Avigilon.

I had a great conversation with John Kenning, regional CEO of G4S Americas. He relayed the value proposition that his staff is reaching for, including understanding risk and threats that companies face today. His own risk assessment team recently completed an analysis of the Fortune 500 company so they could better understand how to address the risks they face, allowing time to refresh, process and evaluate better security measures.

You know G4S as a sharp looking man services partner in the industry, where Kenning says his staff "is properly trained, paid a good wage and offers growth opportunities from within. The three key practices of G4S are providing a lobby experience whereby his officers are ambassadors of security. The security operations center includes building design and tools sets that allow staff to perform their duties with a global and local view, and security total cost of ownership which is efficient.

A visit to HID Global provided a better understanding of the company's iCLASS SE RB25F fingerprint reader, which is designed to help fuel broad adoption of biometrics at the door through its combination of credential excellence and globally-patented multispectral imaging technology.

"This reader is uniquely positioned to help bring biometrics to a wide range of real-life physical access control applications and environments," said Harm Radstaak, vice president and managing director of Physical Access Control Solutions at HID Global.

It's been a great exposition. Safe travels home to all who attended.

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Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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