Pelco Provides Meaningful Cybersecurity

At the Cyber:Secured Forum in Dallas, two Pelco employees broke down the "culture shift" from physical to cyber issues in the security industry.

In its second year, SIA’s Cyber:Secured Forum brought meaningful and thought provoking commentary to its vendors and attendees. This was my first time to attend, and I thought it was an awesome event.

What stuck out to me more than anything else was that these were companies and manufacturers that I normally talk to and with, but this time it was all about cybersecurity issues. And, these were CyberSecured experts.

In the few minutes I spent with a couple of Pelco cybersecurity experts, I learned that this segment of the industry is all about technology and people.

Pelco’s Don Stitt and Jared Diehl are part of the Pelco team that is responsible for cyber issue alone; or I should say, how cybersecurity fills a void in the physical security world.

“Cybersecurity is a culture shift,” Stitt said. “Our goal is to bring Pelco back to the status or stand where it used to be.”

Stitt and Diehl said they expect to launch some “pretty cool things” as they create software and integrate the solutions into their cameras. Part of their roadmap is to be proactive against threats.

Stitt has been working in cybersecurity for several years now, and Diehl has been involved with the Air Force for nine years as a cybersecurity analyst. He saw few things in that role, bringing his expertise to the commercial market now, including a generous insight into software and the ability to stay one step ahead of the bad guys using the same tools that a malicious hacker might use.

Here are a few things that Pelco is talking about: Secure your system by a proactive approach to protecting users and data. Use platforms that provide proactive alert to detected threats.

In order to bring Pelco full circle, according to Stitt, the company’s incident response plan includes policy development, meaning streamlined response times and minimizing data leaks, as well as reducing exposure to financial and non-financial costs. The Pelco Cybersecurity team is making a run for restoration by continuous refinement of products, policies and resources. It will be fun watching the Fort Collins, Colorado team reaching for that goal.

About the Author

Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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