Panasonic iPRO Public Safety Solutions

Evidence Capture and Analytics Portfolio to be Showcased by Panasonic at IACP 2019

Panasonic's portfolio of evidence capture, management, and analytics designed specifically for law enforcement applications will be showcased at IACP booth #4411.

Panasonic Public Safety Solutions Division, a business unit of the newly formed Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Co., Ltd., is displaying its portfolio of evidence capture, management, and analytics designed specifically for law enforcement applications at IACP booth #4411.

Featured products include: a new compact and lightweight body worn camera (BWC) with a swappable battery for extended use; a powerful Unified Digital Evidence (UDE) platform that allows agencies to easily manage, share, and secure critical evidence and data; and a new Video Redaction AI-Assisted Software that saves time, effort and reduces overhead expenses.

“Law enforcement professionals have unique needs and requirements for real-time field operations and evidence analysis that can only be fulfilled by specialized solutions,” said Masato Nakao, Chief Executive Officer of Panasonic i-Pro Sensing Solutions Co., Ltd. “As a recognized global leader in video technologies, Panasonic products deliver years of R&D in sophisticated evidence capture imaging tools to support the highest levels of performance. In the ever-growing world of data sources, we also provide solutions for managing, sharing and analyzing that data in the most resource-efficient way.”

The next generation Panasonic BWC features a user swappable battery with up to 12 hours of life, allowing law enforcement agencies to focus on their duties and not on charging batteries. An officer can now grab and carry a swappable spare battery to go well beyond 12 hours when the mission requires. The Panasonic BWC also features a new easy to read LCD status screen to provide detailed information on the unit’s operating modes and status, an enhanced field of  view and 1080p HD resolution, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, on-board GPS, and H.265 compression.

The new BWC also has an IP67 environmental rating for use in the harshest operating conditions, and has been designed to meet the rigorous MIL-STD 810G military testing standard.

Supporting operation of its new BWC, the company is showcasing the latest release of its powerful Unified Digital Evidence (UDE) platform. The versatile solution incorporates digital
evidence from multiple sources, including Panasonic Arbitrator Body Worn and In-Vehicle Cameras, the Video Insight Video Management System (VMS), and a multitude of third-party
video sources.

Panasonic UDE allows agencies to easily manage, share, and secure video files and critical information while protecting the chain of custody for digital evidence, whether it is deployed on-premises or in a CJIS-compliant cloud.

New Panasonic Video Redaction AI-Assisted Software is designed to help save time, effort, and expenses for law enforcement agencies. Fully integrated with UDE, the new redaction solution automatically blurs people’s faces captured on video using advanced neural network technology and machine learning technologies.


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