Makes Award-winning Smart Water Value+Meter Available to Service Providers 

The Smart Water Valve+Meter is now available to service providers partnered with and its subsidiaries to help protect connected homes and businesses from unexpected water emergencies and steep water bills. The award-winning device, unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this year, is an affordable, Z-Wave water shutoff valve that combines innovative technology with high-quality plumbing hardware.

Leveraging critical system and occupancy data helps the Smart Water Valve+Meter intelligently respond to large leaks, small drips and leaky appliances that cause billions of dollars in property damage every year.

“We are big fans of the Smart Water Valve+Meter because of the insight it provides, especially around how much water is being used and even wasted at times,” said Matt Madden, project manager at Superior Alarm & Electronics. “The data it provides can help customers be more aware of their water use and costs. Another crucial aspect is its ability to detect and react to water leaks of any size and alert the customer via the mobile app. You can’t put a price on peace of mind.”

Designed and developed by Building36, a subsidiary of, the Smart Water Valve+Meter quickly identifies excessive or continual water flows to help prevent water damage, as well as health and safety issues that often result from prolonged low-volume leaks. As part of the Water Management solution and overall ecosystem, users can manage everything remotely through a single point – the mobile app. Property owners get mobile alerts about excessive water usage to avoid higher water bills and real-time water use data to guide conservation efforts in their homes and businesses. 

“Our comprehensive water solution that includes the Smart Water Valve+Meter makes homes and businesses safer from damaging and costly water problems,” said Jeff Bedell, chief strategy and innovation officer for “The advantages of having a robust ecosystem of connected devices make it easy for our partners to deliver solutions that help their customers protect the things they care about most.”

The Smart Water Valve+Meter has earned multiple awards this year. It received a 2020 SIA New Product Showcase award for its unique design, function and integration features, such as:

  • Automatic water supply shut-off when leaks are detected  
  • Remote control and automation as part of Rules or Scenes from the mobile app or customer website
  • Durable, high-quality manufacturing and materials
  • Monitoring for tiny leaks without the need to shut down the water supply to a property
  • Real-time view of water consumption
  • Patterns behavior to identify and signal when water use differs from normal
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