ASSA ABLOY Launches ‘Upgrade Your Openings’ Program to Improve Health and Safety in Public Buildings

ASSA ABLOY has introduced its “Upgrade Your Openings” program to support facility managers in addressing the changing needs of building occupants. With businesses, offices, and schools continuing to return to the workplace, efforts have been made to integrate touchless and automated solutions to create safer, healthier environments.

As part of the initiative, ASSA ABLOY is helping building managers address three emerging trends affecting commercial spaces post-pandemic:

  • Rapidly evolving user expectations, driving demand for safer, healthier, and easier access to spaces, along with more aggressive security measures
  • More strictly enforced adherence to the latest building requirements, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, and other building codes applicable to the jurisdiction and building type
  • Increasingly complex facilities management due to the increasing number and sophistication of building systems and security

“As the economy rebounds and facilities begin to reopen, the demand for healthier, safer, and more accessible environments is increasing, and in turn, adding to the overwhelming complexity of building management,” said Sean McGrath, head of US commercial sales and marketing, ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Americas. “‘Upgrade Your Openings’ is ASSA ABLOY’s initiative to help offices, schools, hospitals, and other public spaces address the challenges of post-COVID facilities while meeting increasingly strict codes and standards.”

ASSA ABLOY’s comprehensive solutions can support:

Commercial offices. Wireless technology allows you to add access control to doors at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions, making them an important option for upgrading the security of any facility. With hybrid work models becoming more popular and employees coming and going on a more irregular schedule, there may no longer be a need to have dedicated office space for each individual.

  • Create flexible workspaces: Wireless cabinet locks
  • Easily retrofit openings: ES100 wireless integrated strike and card reader
  • Reduce touchpoints and germ transmission: Safer2Open solutions

Education. The pandemic has resulted in facilities, especially schools, needing to control the number of people in a given area to improve safety.

  • Quickly gauge if a space is occupied: Status Indicator Locks by Corbin Russwin, SARGENT and Yale
  • Add hands-free solutions to any opening: Push/pull paddle trim
  • Eliminate catch points from clothing/equipment: Low profile, integrated trim

Healthcare. Applying touchless solutions to frequently used openings, such as doors in hospitals, can help reduce the spread of germs.

  • Open a door with a simple wave: Norton 6000 Series Low Energy Door Operator with Wave to Open Switch
  • Add security and access control to equipment areas, nursing stations, and cabinets: Wireless access control locks
  • Add hands-free solutions to any opening: Push/pull paddle trim

Other public spaces. As public places begin to open up, upgrades can be made to reduce germ transmission, control access, meet code requirements and increase energy efficiency on entrance doors, exterior building doors, interior doors, restroom doors, stairwells, gates, fences, containers and more.

  • Easily electrify narrow stile aluminum openings: Adams Rite 4300 Electrified Deadlatch with compatible low-touch push/pull paddle trim
  • Intelligent and sustainable Securitron M680E EcoMag® Magnalock for all-glass openings 

ASSA ABLOY is now offering a variety of training courses that feature products and solutions to help Upgrade Your Openings, including door controls, hands-free solutions, fire door, and security upgrades, and more.

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