On Your Mark

On Your Mark

Back in the day, preparations for getting on the show floor seemed equivalent to anticipation of letting the race horses run the track. I anticipate the starting gates at ISC West will be packed with attendees at 10 a.m. this morning.

Has the pandemic subsided enough that people are traveling again? Will attendees join by the hundreds or thousands, rather than by the tens of last year?

I must applaud the efforts of the staff that organizes ISC West, as well as staff from SIA for managing a challenging situation last year, and keeping this year’s tradeshow on track. So, Day One is officially underway, and there are attendees at the front door.

Our plan is to keep people in the security industry unable to attend, up to date. I’d like to do a Top Ten list of places to go and people to see, but obviously there isn’t a Top Ten with so many booths offering the newest technology.

Oh, by the way, apparently they aren’t called booths any longer. They are now stands, which is the variation from our associates from the global marketplace. Doesn’t really matter, so look for what is new, what is a better solution for your clients or an end user, and look for what makes sense.

I’ll be back on Day Two, after having a look at some solutions. I’ll also make a report on good food to eat, and maybe where not to eat. It is nice to be back at ISC West, reporting on the best of the best.

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Ralph C. Jensen is the Publisher of Security Today magazine.


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