Seattle Area Jeweler Adds Concealed Weapons Tech after Armed Robbery

Family owners held at gunpoint look to latest in walk through metal detection to stop violence before it starts 

Athena Security has announced that Aboud Jewelry, a multi-generational Ss, has added Athena’s fast, frictionless Entryway Security Solution to detect concealed weapons. Seattle-area small businesThe multi-sensor walk-through metal detector allows the family owners to quickly and accurately screen anyone entering the business before being allowed inside the store. The newly installed Athena Weapon Detection System immediately was deemed effective upon finding and preventing guns from entering the store.

“We understand that as a jewelry store we are a target for burglars, but with Athena Security’s concealed weapons detection system tech in place, our family and valued customers can rest assured that no one with a weapon is going to gain entry to the store,” said Alhareth Aboud, co-owner of Aboud Jewelers whose mother and father were held at gunpoint in the store in May.  “We’ve already had great success with the system alerting us to weapons two times in the first two weeks using the Athena product.”

Athena Security automatically tells the difference between a weapon and a cell phone, keys and watches, eliminating the need to divest items required by legacy metal detectors, a perfect solution for small businesses to deter and detect concealed weapons.

“This is exactly why we went into business, to help prevent gun violence before it happens,” said Michael Green, CEO of Athena Security.  “Our hearts went out when we heard that the Aboud family had a gun pulled on them, but we can do so much more than feel for small businesses, we can stop this from happening again, providing the safety and peace of mind we all deserve living and working in our local communities.”

In May, before the Athena Concealed Weapon Detection System was installed, a man walked into the store with a concealed weapon and after asking about the value of some gold jewelry, he pulled a gun on Alhareth’s mother and father.  Luckily the gunman fled once Alhareth's father started screaming and his mom hid. Now, the Athena Security system, along with a double set of reinforced doors, was installed the week prior to Memorial Day. Pain Field Airport, also located in Everett, WA, has deployed Athena Security åçto allow traffic to flow through security while scanning passengers and staff.

Aboud Jewelry is not shy about innovation, having added a vibration detector after a nighttime cat burglar cut an adjacent building's wall and used tools to snatch jewelry out of showcase boxes without even entering the room. High-value retail remains on high alert to improve security operations, security procedures and adopt cutting edge technology to reduce the risk of the loss of property, and the loss of life.


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