Ralph’s Personal GSX Product Wrap

I see and learn about myriad products that are about to or have recently hit the security market. The technology is amazing, but at the heart of every tradeshow are the people. As I made my way around the GSX show floor, I found some interesting products I wanted to share, and, I’ll share more in coming weeks.

BOON EDAM. Touchless security doors and turnstiles are now part of the company’s package. From Speedlane Compact Optical Turnstile to the Tourlock 160 revolving door. This product solution boasts secure facilities and well as preventing tailgating. Also showing the Lifeline Speedlane Swing Optical Turnstile with OOSTO vision. It is a slim optical turnstile, featuring a sleep glass casing and colorful LED to guide users. It has intuitive sensors and a swing gate to prevent unauthorized entry and tailgating. It also implements an AI-powered facial recognition technology.

INVIXIUM. Here is a high-performance, competitively priced biometric solution for the North American market. Invixium has introduced its IXM TFACE biometric. A touchless-biometric solution provides high security, convenience and functionality of face recognition. Then, of course, there is the addition of fingerprint authentication with mobile credentials. Invixium staff showed me its versatility. TFACE provides fast and accurate dual-biometric authentication, and It is designed for enterprise applications.

ALTRONIX. A lifeline to security perfection, Trove™ access and power integration solutions easily combine Altronix power and accessories with access controllers available from the industry’s leading manufacturers. A variety of backplanes offer a wide range of scalable access and power configurations. This solution simplifies board layout and wire management, while reducing installation and labor costs. Trove is efficient, has scalable designs for optimum performance and seamless integration. It also include cam lock, tamper switch and mounting hardware.

Dortronics Systems Inc. Tried and true, Dortronics brings an off-the-shelf and customized door control solutions. Most recently from Dortronics is their intelligent, fully integrated and user-configurable PLC interlock controllers. Otherwise known as mantraps, this provides system designers and installers with highly cost-effective and versatile door control solutions. This is ideal for commercial and industrial applications. The 48900 series Interlock Controller is cost-effective for mantrap solutions for up to nine doors. It is fully integrated, offers a single-board solution that provides installers complete programming control of all operating and configuration options.

RightCrowd. This wearable solution introduces multi-factor authentication for physical security, and it helps organizations more effectively manage common sense threats such as tailgating credential theft and contact tracing. The RightCrowd wearable solution integrates apps and a control center, ensuring that RightCrowd ensures a person’s authority to be in a specific area. When combined with an app, RightCrowd Presence Control allows employees to flag emergencies, security incidents and suspicious behavior. This security solution seamlessly integrates with an organization’s existing physical access control system for users and access rights.

SAFR SCAN. The company is debuting its first computer vision-based device built for broad commercial market adoption. SAFR SCAN is a highly innovation access control product for commercial and office uses. It seems to be the fastest and most secure way to control building and office access. The hardware enables the end user to leverage the SAFR software platform for less than half the cost. It is more secure, reliable and accurate than a keycard—based solution. Engineered for outdoor and indoor environments, SAFR SCAN allows end users to be able to integrate seamlessly into a wide variety of access-controlled environments.

Vector Flow. Machine learning, AI-powered technology will help reduce false alarms, automates time-consuming tasks and detects and remediates IoT device failures. This solution is aimed at security operations centers, an innovative single source-of-truth that helps security management deliver a tangible return on investment. There are three AI-driven modules – SOC alarm reduction, SOC governance manager and the SOC predictive maintenance manager. The solution features three AI-driven modules – SOC Alarm Reduction, SOC Governance Manager and SOC Predictive Maintenance Manager.

VINTRA. Talking about the latest video analytics platform would not be complete without a powerful conversation with Vintra staff. The company has added several new features to their award-winning product suite Vintra Fortify. You have to see this presentation as the go to provider for security professionals. The solutions help the end user detect potential threats more quickly, respond to ongoing incidents with greater intelligence and dramatically improve investigative results. Vintra Fortify continues to define AI-powered video analytics, helping organizations and governments automatically monitor and search video for critical security and safety events. Deployed as a standalone technology, it can be connected to any IP camera or it can be deployed as a deep integration to leading security products.

Hikvision. The 4 MP 42x TandemVu PTZ camera features a bullet channel and a PTZ channel. Both channels have high quality 4 MP resolution for high-quality imaging. The PTZ has a 42x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom. The bullet channel has night view with white light up to 98 feet, and the PTZ channel has night view with IR up to 980 feet. It has the ability to capture a large area with details, provides high-quality imaging with 4 MP resolution, and provides the end user with DarkFighter technology 24/7 colorful imaging and excellent low-light performance. The bullet channel has a tilt adjustable from 7 to 17 degrees.

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