Solink’s Video Alarms Beat the Competition

By Timothy Ware

Solink Video Alarms are creating a whole new category of alarm systems. Video alarms bring new functionality and improved ROI compared to traditional panel alarm systems.

In fact, Eye on your Brand recently performed a comparison of Solink Video Alarms Service with a popular standard alarm service.

The comparison took place at eight locations and the Corporate Support Center, all notorious for having many false alarms, of a national restaurant brand. Here is exactly what makes Solink Video Alarms the superior choice to protect your business.

Take a look at the full report to see how Solink Video Alarms Service provides clear ROI over  standard alarm competitors.

Fewer False Alarms

Solink Video Alarms drastically reduced the number of false alarms from 22 to 0 during the test period. At a cost of $75 to $325 per false alarm fine, that’s an ROI of $1650 to $7150 in just 45 days across eight restaurant locations and the Corporate Support Center.

Solink prevented 100% of false alarms during the study period.

Faster Police Response

During the initial 45-day study, Solink Video Alarms registered 36 alarm notifications and requested police dispatch once. Solink Video Alarms detected a person attempting to enter the Corporate Support Center through multiple doors and requested police dispatch.

The police arrived on the scene and were able to arrest the person before they managed to enter the building. Since the person was unable to open any of the doors, the traditional alarm panel system was never triggered.

Solink had police on scene before the traditional panel alarm system was even triggered.

During an extended approximately six-month period utilizing Solink Video Alarms, the police were dispatched three more times, all resulting in arrests:

April 2021: Two arrests were made for attempted burglary.
May 2021: One arrest was made for vandalism.
December 2021: Police were dispatched for a suspicious person and vehicle who was later identified as a carjacker. This resulted in one arrest.

During an extended test period, Solink Video Alarms led to the arrest of four people.

Better Relationships with Law Enforcement

Beyond reducing or eliminating false alarms, Solink gives police access to real-time video of the incident. Emergency services can respond more appropriately when they know what is happening.

In addition, law enforcement trusts your alarm triggers because they know that they have been verified, which means they respond to each event as a real emergency.

Finally, police know that you have video coverage of your premises and the ability to share evidence with them. This leads to a better relationship with law enforcement, which can help with other parts of your business, such as loss prevention case management.

Video verification of alarms gives you the trust of law enforcement.

Lower Upfront Capital Expenditure

Solink Video Alarms is compatible with most camera models on the market today. If you already have security cameras in place, the startup costs are minimal.

There are no sensors or panels to buy, as surveillance cameras replace the sensors and your mobile device or laptop manages the system.

Solink is camera agnostic, so you can use your existing security cameras.

Easier Vendor Relationships

With video alarms, your suppliers no longer need to waste time with alarm panel code compliance. This also reduces the chance of code errors leading to false alarms.

Vendors will appreciate the faster and simpler entry process enabled by Solink Video Alarms.

Greater Utilization of Security Infrastructure

Security cameras are often underutilized because it can be time consuming to find necessary video footage. Using Solink Video Alarms provides added value to existing security infrastructure.

Furthermore, employees become accustomed to accessing video footage on the Solink platform, which brings using cameras into day-to-day operations.

Solink Video Alarms encourage employees to use security cameras more.

More Reliable Alarm System

During the 45-day test period, the standard panel alarms system was impacted by technical failures and panel code drops. Solink Video Alarms experienced zero technical issues.

Solink Video Alarms experienced no technical failures, while standard panel alarms did.

Fewer Late Night Calls to Staff

During the 45-day study period, approximately 100 after-hour validation calls were made concerning the 25 alarm notifications generated by the standard panel alarm managed system. In comparison, only three validation calls were made for the 36 Solink Video Alarms notifications.

Two calls were for an unknown light, which turned out to be a heat notification for an IT comm/server room when the remote heat notification system had failed. As a result of Solink’s calls for an unknown panel light, IT was notified and responded immediately, resulting in no damage to equipment.

One call was for an unknown male trying to enter the support center, which the police responded to and arrived on scene before the standard panel alarms registered the threat.

Solink Video Alarms cut late night calls by >95%, and all calls had meaningful impacts on operations and security.

Strengthen the Security and Safety of Team Members and the Work Environment

Solink Video Alarms provided a greater level of security and safety to the staff and restaurants during the study period.

People and places are safer and more secure when protected by Solink Video Alarms.

Solink Video Alarms Is the Best Choice for Your Business

Solink Video Alarms provides a clear ROI over standard panel alarms. They also improve security, have minimal startup costs, enhance many operation processes, lead to better relationships with law enforcement, and reduce aggravating late-night calls.

Overall, Eye on your Brand found that Solink Video Alarms are clearly superior to traditional panel alarm monitoring services.

Click here to read the full report to see how Solink Video Alarms Service provides clear ROI over standard alarm competitors.

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