Ameristar Fence Products

Integrated Cabling System

Ameristar’s Stalwart® integrated cabling system provides an anti-ram defense against forced entry, ballistic attack, or vehicular impact. The Impasse® rail provides a concealing tray for the cables. The Stalwart®can be installed as a stand-alone anti-ram barrier system or as an integral part of an ornamental fence. Ameristar’s Stalwart® anti-ram cable system has earned the K12 rating, successfully stopping a 15,000-pound truck traveling at 50 mph.

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      In this episode, Ralph C. Jensen chats with Dana Barnes, president of global government at Dataminr. We talk about the evolution of Dataminr and how data software benefits business and personnel alike. The Dataminr mission is to keep subscribers up-to-date on worldwide events in case of employee travel. Barnes recites Dataminr history and how their platform works. With so much emphasis on cybersecurity, Barnes goes into detail about his cybersecurity background and the measures Dataminr takes to ensure safe and secure implementation.

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