Security Products Magazine May 2014 Digital Edition

May 2014

  • CAMPUS SECURITY - Partners in Educations
  • MUSEUM SECURITY - The Art of Security
  • CASINO SECURITY - Casino Security System Goes IP
  • NETWORK CAMERA SOLUTIONS - Critical to Healthcare Security


Casino Security System Goes IP

Casino Security System Goes IP

Fort McDowell Casino achieves usable, reliable and successful security system

By Jamie Friedlander

Founded in 1983, Fort McDowell Casino in Arizona doesn’t take security lightly. Their security system has undergone a number of transitions over the years to aid in protecting 128,000 square foot of slot machines, 18 blackjack tables, 20 poker tables, a 1,800-seat bingo hall and a golf course.

Critical to Healthcare Security

Critical to Healthcare Security

IP network surveillance is an essential component on a hospital campus

By Greg Peratt

Ensuring the safety and security of patients and employees is critical to healthcare organizations of any size. For larger facilities, the task can seem monumental, leading many in the industry to turn to IP network surveillance technology to help take control of the process.

Keeping the Campus Healthy

Keeping the Campus Healthy

Baptist hospitals provide healing with strong security

By Ben Scaglione

With employees and physicians totaling more than 6,000, Baptist Health Care Network is the largest, non-governmental employer in northwest Florida.

Partners in Education

Partners in Education

Florida higher education turns to complete security installation

By Brent Doherty

When UCF began planning an upgrade to their security solution—standalone, battery-operated access control that did not provide the level of security needed and a variety of small, analog video systems dispersed throughout multiple campuses

The Art of Security

The Art of Security

Keeping the king’s ransom well within reach

By Vicki Contavespi

Museums are complicated for security professionals. They must be open and welcoming to the public, but they often have quiet nooks and crannies where patrons sit and ponder the art and human endeavor on display.

Looking London in the Eye

Looking London in the Eye

Thermal imaging finds a way to protect popular British area

By Chris Maras

Paris has the Eiffel Tower; New York has the Empire State building; Sydney has its Opera House; Rome has the Coliseum; and London has the London Eye, a well-known symbol for an extraordinary city.


ISC West is a premier venue for technology and what’s new in the industry. Three products stand out in my mind. The first is a consumer product from FLIR that was introduced during the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

I’m Sold on Biometrics

Products and technologies explored at ISC West

By Ralph C. Jensen

ISC West is a premier venue for technology and what’s new in the industry. Three products stand out in my mind. The first is a consumer product from FLIR that was introduced during the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

Networking Security

Building the Intelligent Edge

Building the Intelligent Edge

Transition from simple devices to intelligent edge functionality almost complete

By Vince Ricco

Philosophical and physical shifts in intelligence and management at the edge are remaking corporate networks.

The Next Step in ID Verification

The Next Step in ID Verification

Positively ID online users by identifying behavior and gestures that are unique to each individual

By David Rizzo

“Banks Heap Suits on Target over Breach,” read a recent headline of a Wall Street Journal story. By that time, seven financial institutions had already filed class action suits against the retail giant alleging it did not sufficiently protect its customer’s data.

Preventing the New Threat

Real-time eavesdropping is part of the security program

By Mauricio Chacon

When most people consider cybersecurity, they think about protecting the information that resides on their computers—sensitive emails, folders or files.

Providing a Healthy Balance

Providing a Healthy Balance

Performance and security can stand toe-to-toe in cloud applications

By Charles P. Williams

Datacenter traffic is predicted to triple by 2017 with the cloud as the biggest traffic source, according to a recent Cisco Global Cloud Index study.

Dealer Strategies

Using Access Control Hardware for Additional Software Applications

Planning ahead can prevent harm to people and the bottom line

By Gerald McHugh

As access control systems have become more prevalent in business environments, companies are looking to leverage this technology to deliver additional solutions at less expensive costs.

A Well-oiled Machine

A Well-oiled Machine

A Well-oiled Machine Success of partner loyalty programs rely on mutual exclusivity and value

By Ginger Hill

As the sophistication of the security industry evolves daily, companies are honing their partner loyalty programs to assist integrators in all aspects of the industry.

Security, at Warp Speed

Security, at Warp Speed

By Ralph C. Jensen

There is no telling what an appetite for success and a passion for technology will produce. One thing for certain, the desire to give the customer the best security solution possible will likely bear a long-term, winning combination.

Spring Forward

Five ways to improve relationships with new prospects

By Rob Phillips

While an alarm system can’t protect your customers from everything, it is a proven measure of deterrence. Homes with alarm systems are three times less likely to get burglarized than homes without them.


New Products

  • ComNet CNGE6FX2TX4PoE

    The ComNet cost-efficient CNGE6FX2TX4PoE is a six-port switch that offers four Gbps TX ports that support the IEEE802.3at standard and provide up to 30 watts of PoE to PDs. It also has a dedicated FX/TX combination port as well as a single FX SFP to act as an additional port or an uplink port, giving the user additional options in managing network traffic. The CNGE6FX2TX4PoE is designed for use in unconditioned environments and typically used in perimeter surveillance. 3

  • Mobile Safe Shield

    Mobile Safe Shield

    SafeWood Designs, Inc., a manufacturer of patented bullet resistant products, is excited to announce the launch of the Mobile Safe Shield. The Mobile Safe Shield is a moveable bullet resistant shield that provides protection in the event of an assailant and supplies cover in the event of an active shooter. With a heavy-duty steel frame, quality castor wheels, and bullet resistant core, the Mobile Safe Shield is a perfect addition to any guard station, security desks, courthouses, police stations, schools, office spaces and more. The Mobile Safe Shield is incredibly customizable. Bullet resistant materials are available in UL 752 Levels 1 through 8 and include glass, white board, tack board, veneer, and plastic laminate. Flexibility in bullet resistant materials allows for the Mobile Safe Shield to blend more with current interior décor for a seamless design aesthetic. Optional custom paint colors are also available for the steel frame. 3

  • Hanwha QNO-7012R

    Hanwha QNO-7012R

    The Q Series cameras are equipped with an Open Platform chipset for easy and seamless integration with third-party systems and solutions, and analog video output (CVBS) support for easy camera positioning during installation. A suite of on-board intelligent video analytics covers tampering, directional/virtual line detection, defocus detection, enter/exit, and motion detection. 3