ALLie in the Family

Cameras for home, work and place bring high resolution into the picture

Imagine a camera that is 360° by 360°, which would allow you to never miss a thing at home, and at your business. That technology is already here and has been available for a year or so. ALLie can give you vision of all things important to you.

ALLie gives you peace of mind: never again will you miss your child’s first steps, your pet’s daily bloopers, or wonder how a family member is doing. At home, you can be there even when you’re not there. Say goodbye to a dark night because it also offers a night vision platform view from floor to ceiling and corner to corner, up to 30 feet (10 meters) in total darkness.

If you’re out and about, ALLie will capture events in fully immersive 360° x 360° and then share them on YouTube or Facebook or simply save them to the cloud. Relive memories by playing back recordings in your ALLie App or VR headset. And, finally, as a business owner you will be able to view what’s happening LIVE in 4k resolution and say good-bye to fuzzy video.

Missed something? Cloud recording will help you go back in time and see what happened while you were away in the most immersive way possible.

“We’ve enjoyed experimenting with ALLie and seeing all the things it can do,” said Tom Westhora, who with his wife Katie, have used the camera to watch their newborn son, but also to watch their other children at play. “It is versatile and has many uses and would come in handy for just about anybody. With the two-way communication feature, when we are in a different room of the house, we can talk to the baby or older children to calm them down.” ALLie’s use reaches far beyond watching a new born, in fact, it is now being widely marketed as a tool for YouTubers or Facebook. The end users can capture events in a fully immersed 360° by 360°, then share the action or simply save them to the cloud. For a business owner, they can view what’s happening live in 4K resolution. Cloud recording will help that person go back in time and see what happened if questions arise.

It seems, however, that ALLie has grown up, or has a bigger sibling advancing in the security industry. The IC720 is a security effort by IC Real Tech to reach new heights in the video security market. First of all, there is the elimination of blind spots and puts the viewer in the middle of the action.

The sum result of this IC720 is the combination of an array of PTZ cameras, offering total coverage of an area with automated management. Plans for integrating the IC720 in 2017 have been huge.

“We made a commitment last year to complete our development on the integration of spherical VR video; this has happened,” said Andrew Nassar, IC Realtime general manager. “This software update will allow for 4K viewing of VR video within the same Smart ICRSS software the control our full suite of IC Realtime products, such as NVRs and IP cameras.

The IC720 gets rave reviews from integrators and end users alike. Brian Levy, president of Hero Security and Surveillance, and integrator of the IC720 recently installed the camera system at the Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield, Calif., for use as a parking lot monitoring system. Levy said there had been a rash of daytime burglaries at the facility’s parking structure, and the cameras all but put an end to criminal activity.

“This is a fully immersive camera that allows the guards at the facility to watch continuous movement in real time,” Levy said. “That’s the ‘magic’ of having vision in every direction, covering the wider area for security purposes.”

None of this technology goes unnoticed as IC Realtime has a group of software engineers that brought ALLie in to the marketplace, and into the home, then added the IC720 to the portfolio, primarily for larger venues where security plays a much larger role, and where guard stations can keep a constant view of the property in real time

This article originally appeared in the March 2017 issue of Security Today.

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