Driving a Good Bargain

In the business world it seems like the big money is going after the bigger players. You know, you sell a security installation at one fast food joint, and pretty soon the entire country is yours for the taking.

I’m sure that Tyco Integrated Security often takes a look at this type of installation, but what caused me to pause during recent trip to Boca Raton was how Tyco IS is equally interested in the business right around the corner.

Joe Oliveri, vice president and Tyco IS, the general manager and some of his staff, and with me in tow drove a couple of miles to their customer WDSrx to review their security solutions. WDSrx is not a huge business, but it is a profitable and flourishing warehouse operation. Tyco IS area manager Craig Shulman brought WDSrx into the fold, and it has been a booming relationship for both parties.

The security needs vary by the type of drug. WDSrx is a storage facility for numerous manufacturers’ product; in this case medicine and legal drugs. The security side of this is that WDSrx has never had a break-in or security issue. Their facility is tight as drum, deploying several different types of solutions, depending upon what part of the facility you need to be.

“As a customer, we have a tremendous security system; one that we expected from Tyco, and one that we received,” said Adam Runsdorf, president of WDSrx. Security is so important to both parties that they make contact almost every day. If a technician is needed, someone is on the way.

This security relationship is a meaningful relationship to Tyco IS and WDSrx because no matter the size of the company professional services are rendered, and expected. Runsdorf ’s building is a non-descript facility, but there is chance the security system isn’t working. After all, the two businesses are practically neighbors.

This article originally appeared in the March 2017 issue of Security Today.

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Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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