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Hard Rock Stadium opts for single source integrated solution

South Florida’s Hard Rock Stadium is home to worldclass entertainment events and sports teams, including the Miami Dolphins, University of Miami football team, Orange Bowl and concerts. As with any high-profile entertainment complex that draws more than one million visitors every year, the stadium faces complex and constantly evolving security challenges.

In 2015, stadium owners began a massive, $350 million renovation of the arena, and were committed to partnering with a single security provider. They selected G4S to deliver a single-source, integrated security solution. The stadium’s security program consists of modern software and hardware to manage access control, identity management, video surveillance and incident management. The hub of the solution is the G4S Security Command Center.

Operating 24/7, highly-trained security staff maintain a watchful eye inside and outside the stadium and are able to communicate with concierge, gate and roving patrol staff who can respond quickly to incidents in and around the facility. The command center not only centralized the stadium’s security operations, but also enhanced the efficiency of communications, surveillance and control.

Security staff consist of custom protection officers (CPO) and upscale security officers (USO), who are recruited and screened according to their experience, temperament, training and the unique environment they will be standing post. Both CPOs and USOs meet stringent qualification guidelines that require a degree in criminal justice, police science, security administration or military or law enforcement experience.

Staff are equipped with Secure Trax, a mobile officer-management platform that enables guard tour check-ins, checkpoint verifications and compliance reporting to increase efficiency. Secure Trax allows security managers and CSOs to see where and what officers are doing at all times. It also provides customized safety and facility inspections and real-time incident reporting.

Prior to the renovation, Hard Rock Stadium maintained multiple security vendor relationships, which were costly and difficult to manage. Partnering with a single-source provider for hardware, software, systems integration and security staff greatly streamlined the process during the construction/installation phase and ongoing security program management. Working with one company simplified communications and saved money.

Hard Rock Stadium selected AMAG Technology’s Symmetry Access Control system. The system provides a modern, networked and integrated solution, ensuring that only people with appropriate access are able to enter specific areas. It automatically locks and unlocks doors on schedule, providing tighter security for more sensitive areas such as offices and locker rooms. Instant lock-down capabilities also allow the security team to change the level of security if an emergency takes place, allowing security staff to better control the situation.

Security and safety incidents occur every day, and the stadium must proactively investigate and manage them before they escalate. To help manage incidents, Hard Rock Stadium chose RISK360, an incident and case management platform also from AMAG Technology. The platform collects data and automates alerts so security officers can ensure proper procedures are followed and communicated. The platform allows the security team to identify trends and potential threats and address them before they escalate.

Across the entire facility, more than 400 high-resolution cameras provide surveillance. The strategically placed cameras provide “eyes everywhere,” for the security team, which is critical in massive crowd situations like football games or concerts.

“We’ve had positive results with the integration of the security force and technology, said Joe Cicini, senior director of security, Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium. “The security team proactively uses surveillance and access control systems to track incidents to their origin and follow through using the RISK360 case management platform that sends real-time alerts directly to me.”

Hard Rock Stadium determined their risk posture to design and deliver a modern, integrated security solution that consists of video, access control and security staff. The outcome is a model for stadium security that protects employees, athletes and celebrities and allows visitors to enjoy entertainment in a safe and secure environment.

This article originally appeared in the January/February 2019 issue of Security Today.


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