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I’m a pretty lucky guy. I get to drive to work with my best friend. Each day when I drop my wife off at her office I am hopeful that everything is OK when she goes into her office. My wife is a banker. One of the highest risk times for any business is during the act of opening and closing. I worry about this enough that I asked a couple of security professionals how someone can stay safe and secure in this environment. I turned to Jason Goldberg at Verint and Felix Gonzalez at Securitas Electronic Systems.

My curiosity piqued, I learned about Secure All-Clear. This is not a product endorsement— it is information that could be beneficial to my spouse and to others working in industries like her own.

The software is brought to market by Verint. SES Alarm Monitoring Center has deployed in as a way to soften the costs of security, and it seems to revolutionize opening and closing procedures for businesses. The solution creates a direct link to the SES Center, and can be used easily through a mobile device app.

According to Goldberg, the ideal platform for Secure-All Clear is the smartphone. The first person of the day to open the business can take the necessary tour after entering the facility, then use their phone to message the alarm center that all is well. If they do not respond in the prescribed time limit, an alarm is sounded. Other employees need not enter the facility until the coast is clear.

The app is a money saver for starters. Generally, two people arrive at the workplace at the same time. One person enters and if it is all clear, a predetermined sign is given. If not, the person outside understands it is not safe and an alarm is given. With Secure All-Clear, one person arrives at the workplace and enters the building. As that person moves throughout the facility, a checklist of items is determined, and if it is safe, the SES Alarm Monitoring Center is notified that all is well. Money is saved by having only one person verify the security of the facility.

It is a single solution that enhances an employee’s safety during businesses’ critical daily activities, such as opening and closing. The solution empowers alarm dispatchers with critical information needed to respond to threatening events while providing peace of mind.

The system is cloud-based on your own device via a mobile app. The employee is in touch with the SES Alarm Monitoring Center, and it reduces operating expense and labor savings. It is a single-employee procedure, reducing operation risk and it is compliant by offering digital documentation, customized procedures and dynamic reporting.

This article originally appeared in the September 2019 issue of Security Today.

About the Author

Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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