Security Today Magazine Digital Edition - September 2019

September 2019

  • Deploying IoT Devices
  • Averting Workplace Violence
  • Automating Emergency Communication
  • Making Cities Smarter
  • Security by Design

Cover Story

Deploying IoT Devices

Deploying IoT Devices

Best practices for managing and securing IoT networks

By Ryan Zatolokin

The number and breadth of devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow rapidly, with everything from kitchen appliances to video surveillance and access control systems offering the ability to connect to a network.


Averting Workplace Violence

Averting Workplace Violence

Commercial properties demand planning and communications

By Greg Falahee

Today’s property manager has many tasks to complete on a daily basis: navigating the ins and outs of the business, ensuring that all processes, systems and personnel are in place to secure their physical assets, and creating a positive environment for tenants and visitors.

Connecting Mass Notification

Connecting Mass Notification

Emergency communications are especially necessary when dealing with safety issues

By Pat Scheckel

The Internet of Things continues to grow, offering new possibilities for organizations to communicate messages and automate processes. This can be especially helpful when dealing with safety issues.

Video Systems Provide Security

Solutions provide security environment for educational institutions


In the past few years, tragic events have increased awareness for educational institutions across America. This recent spike has reminded educators and security officers alike that it is the responsibility of schools to ensure the safety of their students and employees and protect school property and equipment from theft or damage, encouraging them to invest in security systems.

Automating Emergency Communication

Automating Emergency Communication

A cell phone is not an emergency communication plan

By Joe Byron

For campuses nationwide, emergency communication planning is not a topic that is taken lightly, nor should it be.

The Access Solution

The Access Solution

Why multi-campus facilities are investing in centralized access control

By Jeremy Saline

Providing security, managing budgets, gaining efficiencies— these are just a few of the many objectives that facility managers have to balance at once.

Security by Design

Security by Design

It’s all in the cloud with no hardware involved

By Ben Rowe

We know by now that there is an abundance of business advantages in the cloud — it’s agile and cost-efficient, and, with little to no hardware maintenance, it’s easier to update and perform maintenance on than traditional on-site servers.

The Opportunity of Hyperconvergence

The Opportunity of Hyperconvergence

Holding the key to simplifying surveillance and building systems

By Eric Bassier

A new IT trend–“hyperconvergence”–may hold the key to simplifying this task while also enabling significantly more sophisticated ways to tap the value of data many organizations are already collecting.

Making Cities Smarter

Making Cities Smarter

By Bob Carter

Safe cities attract businesses, foster innovation and provide countless opportunities. By working collaboratively, both public and private sectors can contribute to a solid foundation for the success of these great cities and their citizens.

5 Questions for Your Cloud Provider

5 Questions for Your Cloud Provider

It’s going to become the ubiquitous platform for physical security, so start querying now

By Martin Renkis

Do you want the real bottom line in providing cloud services for video, access control and other integrated services?

Thinking Smarter About Smart City Security

Thinking Smarter About Smart City Security

By Will Wise

The world is quickly urbanizing, and people are flocking from suburbs and rural areas to cities more than ever before.

Mitigating Workplace Violence

Mitigating Workplace Violence

Modern technology is able to help hospitals manage safety

By Noah Reiter

To ensure continual patient care and remain compliant with regulations, hospitals have well-documented security protocols and deploy technology to ensure those can be executed smoothly, from cybersecurity solutions on the digital side to video surveillance and door scanners, among other tools, on premises.

Path to the Future

Path to the Future

Cloud-based video surveillance is here to stay

By Jeff Whitney

Security professionals face many challenges in selecting video surveillance systems that address their unique needs.

Paving the Way with Analytics

Paving the Way with Analytics

Turning information overload into actionable intelligence

By Kevin Taylor

Technology—from street lights to telephones—has been at the heart of modern cities for more than a century.

Considerations for Infrastructure

Considerations for Infrastructure

Compound annual growth expected to continue through 2023

By Brian Mallari

Security is top of mind for consumers around the world and businesses across industries.



Opening Your Business Safely

By Ralph C. Jensen

I’m a pretty lucky guy. I get to drive to work with my best friend. Each day when I drop my wife off at her office I am hopeful that everything is OK when she goes into her office.


Keeping the Secure in Security Cameras

Why you might need to rethink what’s protecting your outdoor surveillance camera

By Kaitlyn DeHaven

The world of outdoor security cameras is changing rapidly, and with it, the need for secure, high-quality camera housing.

New Products

  • PDK IO Access Control Software

    PDK.IO Access Control Software

    ProdataKey now allows for "custom fields" within the interface of its software. Custom fields increase PDK's solutions' overall functionality by allowing administrators to include a wide range of pertinent data associated with each user. 3

  • Tyco Kantech EntraPass security management software

    Tyco Kantech EntraPass security management software

    Johnson Controls, the global leader in smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, and architect of the Open Blue digital connected platforms, has released the newest version of the Tyco Kantech EntraPass security management software. 3

  • Unique Oversized ID Card Printer

    Unique Oversized ID Card Printer

    Idesco Corp. is announcing its card printer – the XCR100 2.0 printer- that allows customers to personalize oversized ID cards on demand. The printer is ideal for assisting healthcare organizations find the right badging solution. As healthcare facilities continue to combat the spread of COVID-19, issuing oversized ID cards has helped identify staff clearly while adding an extra layer of security. The XCR100 2.0 printer is the only dye-sublimation printer on the market that can personalize CR100 cards (3.88" x 2.63"). The cards that are 42% larger than the standard credit card size. The printer can produce up to 180 full cards per hour in color, and up to 1,400 cards per hour in monochrome. An optional flipper is available to print dual-sided badges in one pass. Contactless encoding comes as an option to help healthcare facilities produce secure access badges on demand and the card printer features a 2-year warranty. 3