Security Products Digital Edition February 2012

February 2012

  • EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES - Adapting to Change
  • SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS - Digitizing Documents for Increased Security
  • BANKING SOLUTIONS - Credit Union Gets Good Grades
  • PERIMETER SECURITY - Principles for Intrusion Detection


Credit Union Gets Good Grades

Open architecture easily allows company to transition to upgraded security

By April Noblitt

Teachers Credit Union, headquartered in South Bend, Ind., is the largest credit union in the state, reaching from inside the Michigan border from Niles, Mich., to Greenwood, Ind.

A Tale of Three Cities

By Fredrik Nilsson

Salvaging the existing investment in coax cabling is often the number-one reason surveillance users are reluctant to switch to network video. The perceived cost of storage is a close second.

Digitizing Documents For Increased Security

How a paperless solution streamlined and helped secure one police department’s workflow

By Mike O’Leary

Anyone involved in law enforcement knows how crucial secure document management is to efficiency across all departments.

Adapting to Change

Adapting to Change

By Michael Regelski

Perhaps the most common challenge and opportunity facing any industry in today’s world is creating solutions that can accommodate the transitions that come with the rapid advancement of technology.

Principles for Intrusion Detection

A security system is only as good as its weakest link

By Pete Accetturo

The best defense is a good offense. That often-used sports principle applies to military applications. It is an axiom that applies to the security industry, as well.


Cellular Activity

When mobile phones threaten security, it’s time to ‘decellerate’

By Ronnie Rittenberry

This just in: There are now more cell phone users on the planet than wearers of shoes. That random yet eye-opening nugget comes courtesy of WikiAnswers, so consider the source, but still: more than shoes?

Respect the Border

By Ralph C. Jensen

Not only do we as U.S. citizens have a right to be concerned about security, we should be up in arms about what the federal government is not doing to protect our country.


The DLR Standard

When mobile phones threaten security, it’s time to 'decellerate’

By Ron Martin

Many security professionals have used the DLR standard to conduct security operations. Personal recognition is the most accurate form of identification; use of the DLR standard is at the other end of the identification spectrum.

Reaching Each Milestone On Time

Open platform enables SaaS for multiple camera initiatives

By Courtney Pedersen

The IT division’s network team at WKU implemented Milestone’s open platform video management software, XProtect Corporate.

Remote Possibilities

Using remote video surveillance reshapes physical security

By Steve Surfaro

A security guard doing his nightly rounds on the perimeter of a power plant encounters a car left in a restricted area outside the security fence. The driver is nowhere to be found. Is this a threat?

  • Fresh Security Perspective from AMAG’s New Sales Director A Fresh Perspective on Security

    Fred Nelson may be new to the security industry but his sales and leadership methods are time tested, and true. Fred joined AMAG only a few months ago, but brings with him a wealth of experience in sales and life balance solutions. This year is off to a good start for AMAG with new solutions on the horizon.

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