Security Products Magazine March 2013 Digital Edition

March 2013

  • ACCESS CONTROL - Automate Your Access Control
  • REMOTE MONITORING - Technology Advancement
  • EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES - Smart Thermal Cameras


IP Liftoff

IP Liftoff

Airports seeing major shift of IP video surveillance; three trends that are piloting the change

By Anthony Incorvati

Airports have broken the analog barrier. No longer are airport directors and security executives arguing the merits of analog vs. IP. Here is what airport leaders have been saying and, more importantly, doing.

Automate Your Access Control

Automate Your Access Control

It all comes down to managing efficiently and effectively

By Ajay Jain

The effectiveness of access control really comes down to local decisions made at each door. However, enterprise systems are deployed and managed on a global scale, which presents a challenge of how to manage all those local access control decisions efficiently and effectively.

Promoting the Partnerships

Promoting the Partnerships

Using the best security equipment available

By Ralph C. Jensen

Selecting an enterprise security system is a little bit like buying a car. When buying a car, you choose the make and model of the vehicle, you choose tires made by a well-known manufacturer and recommended for the vehicle, and an audio system probably by a manufacturer outside the automotive industry. This way, you can get the best-of-breed approach.

Smart Thermal Cameras

Smart Thermal Cameras

Prices are falling, capabilities increase with technology

By John Romanowich

As prices fall and capabilities increase, new applications are emerging that leverage the advantages offered by thermal technology for securing outdoor assets. The result is a market tipping point for thermal cameras and an opportunity to use the best detection technology available for costs that meet or beat less-effective approaches.

Streamline Traffic Flow

Streamline Traffic Flow

Large building chooses security systems and elevator controls that work together

By Kim Rahfaldt

Building owners have found that integrating an elevator destination control system with its security management system enhances these benefits for tenants because they can use their credential for both access control and elevator access, but careful planning is a must to ensure cost effectiveness.

Fully Powered

Fully Powered

PoE boosts efficiency while cutting costs

By Ronnie Pennington

PoE is redefining how security professionals design and deploy systems. Rather than using the standard type of power supplies, integrators are increasingly employing PoE network switches or incorporating PoE midspan devices that inject power into an Ethernet cable after it leaves the switch and before it reaches the network device.

Security System Advantages

Security System Advantages

Internet links everything from commerce to courting

By Chuck Westfall

System design and equipment choices designed to protect key assets have never been more diverse. IP-based systems offer many advantages for capturing and transmitting high-quality HD images via the Internet or a LAN connection for remote monitoring.

Gaining Intelligence

Gaining Intelligence

As biometrics authentication technology proliferates, it leaves fingerprints on many sectors of society

By Milind Borkar

Today’s biometrics systems are moving identity authentication toward real time, accurate and secure, individual ID based on unique biometric characteristics, including iris patterns, fingerprint minutiae, facial structure or voice.

Technology Advancement

Technology Advancement

Administrator has capability to monitor, analyze and troubleshoot

By Joseph Goudlock

RMON provides its administrator the capability to monitor, analyze and troubleshoot a multitude of security threats from a distance. Keywords: from a distance— what’s the point of security if you have to put yourself in harm’s way?

All Aboard - One of the world

All Aboard

One of the world’s busiest train stations is fully protected

By Peter Ebersold

Using a combination of fiber optic and copper wire for networking, UFP went with Class A, Style 7 circuitry, which provided a high level of survivability.

Upgrading Your Entrance Lanes

Upgrading Your Entrance Lanes

Taking a layered approach to security in your building

By Mike McGovern

The PEC works by singling out any pedestrians attempting access without proper credentials.

Prospecting the HD Market

Prospecting the HD Market

IP camera-based system is leading the industry

By G.S. Hong

Even though the product release of HD-CCTV is based on HD-SDI transmission technology, it has been rapidly increasing since the beginning of 2012. There has not been enough marketing about HDCCTV and its technology and products, so only the future will tell the tale.

Customers are Our Experts for Innovation

Customers are Our Experts for Innovation

People find new ways to integrate software with other solutions

By Christian Bohn

Video surveillance software can help to count people traffic, register scratches on cars or show which customers need help in the store. End users find new, clever and creative ways to use open-platform software and integrate it with other solutions.


Restoring a Lagoon - Project calls for high definition surveillance on the edge

Restoring A Lagoon

Project calls for high-definition surveillance on the edge

By Ian Johnston

On June 1, 2012, the California Department of Parks and Recreation (CDPR), in connection with various partner agencies, began a six-month construction project to restore wetland function within Malibu Lagoon State Park.


New Products

  • FEP GameChanger

    FEP GameChanger

    Paige Datacom Solutions Introduces Important and Innovative Cabling Products GameChanger Cable, a proven and patented solution that significantly exceeds the reach of traditional category cable will now have a FEP/FEP construction. 3

  • Connect ONE’s powerful cloud-hosted management platform provides the means to tailor lockdowns and emergency mass notifications throughout a facility – while simultaneously alerting occupants to hazards or next steps, like evacuation.

    Connect ONE®

    Connect ONE’s powerful cloud-hosted management platform provides the means to tailor lockdowns and emergency mass notifications throughout a facility – while simultaneously alerting occupants to hazards or next steps, like evacuation. 3

  • Camden CV-7600 High Security Card Readers

    Camden CV-7600 High Security Card Readers

    Camden Door Controls has relaunched its CV-7600 card readers in response to growing market demand for a more secure alternative to standard proximity credentials that can be easily cloned. CV-7600 readers support MIFARE DESFire EV1 & EV2 encryption technology credentials, making them virtually clone-proof and highly secure. 3