Security Products Magazine Digital Edition - May 2015

May 2015

  • Capturing Teachable Moments
  • The Zoo at Night
  • A Strategic Approach
  • Connecting Disparate Systems
  • More Comfortable Operations
  • The Value of a Smart Home


Capturing Teachable Moments

Capturing Teachable Moments

How one university uses network video to train next-generation speech and language pathologists

By John Bartolac

When you’re conducting a therapy session, it’s virtually impossible to be fully engaged with the client and be an objective observer of your own interactions at the same time.

The Zoo at Night

The Zoo at Night

Giving customers a unique experience thanks to security features

By Courtney Dillon Pedersen

The fierce competition in the hospitality market has created a need to think creatively in order to increase the number of visitors. Therefore, Copenhagen Zoo constantly looks for new ways to give their customers an interesting and out-of-the-box experience.

More Comfortable Operations

Retrofit brings a sharper image to command center

By Randy Smith

Throughout the world, security and screening for explosives is a vital service for numerous types of businesses and organizations—from package transport to government agencies and to financial institutions.

A Strategic Approach

A Strategic Approach

Scalable security is the way of networking an IT infrastructure

By Jon Ecker

The security industry is under attack by buzzwords, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of a few leading the assault.

Connecting Disparate Systems

Multiple-vendor link access control systems across all geographic locations

By Jasvir Gill

NERC compliance requirements in the utilities industry have made it essential to monitor and report on physical access to various facilities, control rooms, substations and critical assets.


New Focus on the Classroom

New Focus on the Classroom

By Ralph C. Jensen

It’s been two weeks and it’s time for me to introduce the latest video surveillance technology to the daycare center. They need to install IP cameras, so I can clearly see what that baby girl is doing, and make sure she is treated like I expect my granddaughter to be treated.

Changes are Coming

Changes are Coming

By Ralph C. Jensen

During the past 10 years there have been some magnificent technological innovations in the security industry, but the pace of change has never been higher.

Hearing Security Solutions

Hearing Security Solutions

By Cameron Javdani

Audio is a vital component in the security industry. For years, companies have focused on video, trying to perfect image capture, data storage and analytics.

Networking Security

An Elephant in the Living Room

Don’t forget to lock the obvious front door to your network

By Julie Olenski

Security managers are more aware than ever that information security requires a layered approach with components addressing every point of intrusion on the corporate network.

Building a Foundation

Building a Foundation

Taking a look at a holistic information security perspective

By Madeline Domma

Now more than ever, major network vulnerabilities are making national and international news headlines.

Collaboration is Key in the Video Vortex

By Michael Gallant

Increased security concerns, availability of IP networks, camera sprawl and improvement in video content analytics are all contributing to a rapid growth in the amount of video surveillance data that federal agencies are gathering today.

How Cyber Secure Are Your Physical Security Devices

How Cyber Secure Are Your Physical Security Devices?

Protecting the network with your sensitive business data

By Vince Ricco

Are your physical security devices attached to the same network as your sensitive business data?

How Secure are Your Devices?

By Ralph C. Jensen

Whenever I receive a cover story from Vince Ricco I listen, and I learn. I’ve known Vince for quite a while, and when he asks if your security devices are connected to your sensitive business data, it really makes you think.

Dealer Strategies

The Value of a Smart Home

The Value of a Smart Home

By Ralph C. Jensen

In Utah, locals refer to the Orem/Provo area as Happy Valley. It is a quiet, conservative college town, but all this doesn’t stand in the way of building a booming business.

The New Alphabet

High definition analog technology competes with IP cameras

By Gary Perlin

Mastering the alphabet used to be as simple as learning your ABCs. Not anymore. A whole new alphabet has been created for the world of analog video. Don’t try to sing this one to the “Alphabet song” we all grew up with. It doesn’t work. Trust me. I just spent 15 minutes trying.

Appropriate Response

Appropriate Response

Five Steps Dealers Can Take to Reduce False Alarms

By Robert Ogle

Everybody knows the old saying that the only things certain in life are death and taxes. But, alarm dealers understand that there’s a third certainty: false alarms.

Government Security

Too Good to be True

6 hidden costs of “low-cost” cameras for the government market

By Steve Gorski

There has been a noticeable increase in mass-produced, lowcost cameras available in the security industry. Low prices can be hard to resist, especially considering the tight budgets faced by government agencies at all levels.

Trendy Beverly Hills

Trendy Beverly Hills

Reducing the clutter of disparate systems

By Brian Carlson

Beverly Hills, Calif., has been glamorized in countless film and television depictions as the home of the wealthy and the famous.

Technologies Drive Interagency Collaboration

Technologies Drive Interagency Collaboration

Solutions enable local agencies to maintain safe, secure environment

By Rob Hile

Cities are a challenge to secure and manage—they encompass a wide geographic footprint and include a multitude of key stakeholders comprising local, state and federal agencies along with a variety of private business entities and public organizations.


New Products

  • EasyGate SPT and SPD

    EasyGate SPT SPD

    Security solutions do not have to be ordinary, let alone unattractive. Having renewed their best-selling speed gates, Cominfo has once again demonstrated their Art of Security philosophy in practice — and confirmed their position as an industry-leading manufacturers of premium speed gates and turnstiles. 3

  • ResponderLink


    Shooter Detection Systems (SDS), an company and a global leader in gunshot detection solutions, has introduced ResponderLink, a groundbreaking new 911 notification service for gunshot events. ResponderLink completes the circle from detection to 911 notification to first responder awareness, giving law enforcement enhanced situational intelligence they urgently need to save lives. Integrating SDS’s proven gunshot detection system with Noonlight’s SendPolice platform, ResponderLink is the first solution to automatically deliver real-time gunshot detection data to 911 call centers and first responders. When shots are detected, the 911 dispatching center, also known as the Public Safety Answering Point or PSAP, is contacted based on the gunfire location, enabling faster initiation of life-saving emergency protocols. 3

  • QCS7230 System-on-Chip (SoC)

    QCS7230 System-on-Chip (SoC)

    The latest Qualcomm® Vision Intelligence Platform offers next-generation smart camera IoT solutions to improve safety and security across enterprises, cities and spaces. The Vision Intelligence Platform was expanded in March 2022 with the introduction of the QCS7230 System-on-Chip (SoC), which delivers superior artificial intelligence (AI) inferencing at the edge. 3