Security Today Magazine Digital Edition - October 2018

October 2018

  • Streamlined for Success
  • An Eye on the Campus
  • A Smart Security Program
  • Deep Learning
  • Creating Cloud Platforms

Cover Story

Making Your Expertise Unique

Making Your Expertise Unique

By Ralph C. Jensen

Every businessperson wants to bring something different, or unique, to the table when they talk about their business solutions. In the security industry, or more particularly, the security consultant, the same applies. You’ve got to have a secret sauce.


Streamlined for Success

Streamlined for Success

A cannabis operation finds the right solution to meet the stringent regulatory demands of its industry

By Mary Wilbur

In a new industry with strict regulatory requirements, the video surveillance system is everything but ordinary. First, it had to be a modular system to allow the company to scale it through the multiphase project.

Enhancing Security

Enhancing Security

Video content analytics has always been a critical component

By Stephanie Weagle

Video analytics solutions are enabling organizations to realize the full value of their video surveillance resources and enhance safety, security and overall business operations.

Complete Perimeter Solution

Complete Perimeter Solution

Radar and deep learning technologies finally come together

By Yaron Zussman

A key trend for 2018 has been the integration of AI with various security systems. AI-enabled surveillance cameras, facial recognition software, and fingerprint authentication scanners are just a few examples.

An Eye on the Campus

An Eye on the Campus

Campus challenges include monitoring multiple areas of concern

By Jeanie James

Every day, tens of millions of parents entrust schools with their children’s safety and every day, those parents worry if that trust is misplaced. In addition to the frequent headlines about school shootings, children deal with other pressing issues at school, whether it’s bullying, drugs or harassment.

Creating Cloud Platforms

Creating Cloud Platforms

Access control and trusted workplace share responsibility of innovation

By Hilding Arrehed

Cloud technologies are giving people access through their mobile phones and other devices to a variety of new experiences, while making their workplaces smarter and more data-driven.

Solving Problems

Solving Problems

Edge-based analytics may be the solution to the problem

By Alex Walthers

The industry is changing so rapidly that the following statement might seem bold but it’s true. No one wants to buy a camera.

A Smart Security Program

A Smart Security Program

Enterprise approach combines modern access control technology with top-notch security staff

By Kim Rahfaldt

Northwestern Mutual operated several disparate security systems for access control, alarm management, intercom, video and visitor management. The new building project provided an opportunity to upgrade the security system and overall security program.

Simplicity and Flexibility

Simplicity and Flexibility

Wireless access control can now be your Plan A for integrations

By Peter Boriskin

Wireless technology in the security space is on the cusp of becoming the new norm. For the past few years we’ve seen the adoption of the technology grow steadily as it continuously improves upon traditional security solutions.


Industry Professional

Total Cost of Ownership

Cloud computing, software have evolved and emerged as a popular option

By Andre Fontana

As cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) have evolved, video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) or cloud surveillance, has emerged as the most popular option for businesses seeking to simplify their physical security installations.

Industry Focus

Stick ‘Em Up, Partner

By Ralph C. Jensen

The TSA is implementing some pretty amazing technology in order to improve explosives detection. In late August, the agency unveiled a state-of-theart advanced technology computed tomography (CT) checkpoint scanner for screening passengers and their baggage.

Government Security

Keeping the Bad Guys Out

Keeping the Bad Guys Out

Facilities may require something simple and low-tech

By Paul Hefty

Protecting government agencies requires the widest palette of security solutions with facilities ranging from a storefront military recruitment center to a bustling international airport or a biological research center.

Offering More than Products

Offering More than Products

Don’t miss the true nature of the mission

By Jeff Huggin

In the security industry, our mission is critical: protect the people, places and things that matter most.

Going High Tech

Small town to address big city crime issues

By Courtney Dillon Pedersen

With the added video capabilities, Manteno authorities can alert agencies north or south of town to be on the lookout for specific vehicles with good description details.

Protecting Hard to Protect Areas

Protecting Hard to Protect Areas

Quickly prevent deadly vehicle attacks wherever people congregate

By Greg Hamm

By their very nature, terrorist attacks are unpredictable and predicated on surprise. Staying one step ahead by identifying vulnerable areas, and securing them, is critical to staving off vehicular attacks.

The Command Center of the Future

The Command Center of the Future

Variety of systems and solutions exist for operational picture

By Dan Gundry

At the center of any government organization’s security operation stands its nucleus, arguably one of the most important pieces for overall functionality and efficiency: a command center or Security Operations Center (SOC).

Editor's Note

Focus on Protection

By Ralph C. Jensen

Good business is about partnerships. Our cover story in this issue comes from Jeff Huggins who has written about different examples of not only keeping people secure, but also offering protection.


New Products

  • Camden Door Controls Application Spec Guide

    Camden Door Controls Application Spec Guide

    Camden Door Controls, an industry-leading provider of innovative, high quality door activation and locking products, has published a new application spec guide for specification writers designing a wireless barrier-free restroom control system. 3

  • ALTO Neoxx Electronic Padlock

    ALTO Neoxx Electronic Padlock

    Built to withstand all access control needs, the tough new SALTO Neoxx electronic padlock takes security beyond your expectations. 3

  • PDK IO Access Control Software

    PDK.IO Access Control Software

    ProdataKey now allows for "custom fields" within the interface of its software. Custom fields increase PDK's solutions' overall functionality by allowing administrators to include a wide range of pertinent data associated with each user. 3