Security Today Magazine Digital Edition - March 2019

March 2019

  • Continued Integrity
  • Looking Beyond the Hype
  • The Uberization of Security Business Model
  • A Secure Healthcare Prescription
  • Automating Critical Environments

Cover Story

Double Down on Casino Security

Double Down on Casino Security

Strobe, LED and dim lighting can’t deter network cameras from their appointed tasks at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa

By Steve Darragh

Like many gaming venues, the lighting scheme at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa in Oklahoma focuses on creating an atmosphere of fun and excitement.


Leveraging Thermal Against Threats

Leveraging Thermal Against Threats

Defending against external threats and asset failure at substations

By Fredrik Wallberg

Artificial intelligence continues to redefine the capabilities of physical security systems and shape customer demands.

Secure Storage in the Age of Edge Computing and the Cloud

Secure Storage in the Age of Edge Computing and the Cloud

Companies need to rethink how they approach storage

By Richard Diver

Back when IT was dominated by on-premises data centers, storage options were fairly straightforward and securing storage resources was relatively simple compared with today’s far more complex storage landscape.

A Secure Healthcare Prescription

A Secure Healthcare Prescription

Hospitals are improving security, operational efficiencies, and patient safety

By Courtney Dillon Pedersen

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities face unique security and surveillance challenges.

The Uberization of Security’s Business Model

The Uberization of Security’s Business Model

Is it time to reduce the total cost of ownership for the security program?

By Ed Bacco

Companies large and small are now actively seeking a fresh approach to optimizing their physical and logical security operations and managing their risk, while capping or reducing their total cost of ownership (TCO).

Automating Critical Environments

Automating Critical Environments

Improving security and efficiency through AI should not be understated

By Brent Boekestein

As key stakeholders look to implement AI into their workflow, many find that security and safety is a commonsense place to begin.

Continued Integrity

Continued Integrity

Multi-phase access control upgrade moves from outdated legacy to updated networked solution

By Michael Bone

For the County of Travis in Austin, Texas, research, dedication and the right team resulted in the perfect integrated security solution for its sprawling campus and multi-location facilities.

Creating User-Centric Citizen Identity Programs

Creating User-Centric Citizen Identity Programs

Implementation of best practices must be employed

By Steve Warne

Governments are implementing innovative programs that are revolutionizing how the world looks at identity and citizenship.

Looking Beyond the Hype

Looking Beyond the Hype

By Sean Lawlor

The past few years have seen significant advancements in computing power. With this, machines seem to have a greater ability to learn about us and participate in our lives.

Protecting Mining and Quarry Operations

Protecting Mining and Quarry Operations

Addressing challenges not typically found in other locations

By Dana Pruiett

Natural resources being extracted at a mining or quarry operation not only have monetary value, but may also be critical components of medical, military, and industrial processes.

Addressing Heightened Threats

Addressing Heightened Threats

With preparedness and vigilance, American Jewish community works on additional security

By Michael Masters

The attack on a Jewish institution comes amidst unprecedented year-over-year increases in anti-Semitic incidents and hate crimes directed against the Jewish community in North America.

The Flaws and Dangers of Facial Recognition

The Flaws and Dangers of Facial Recognition

The best way to prevent your facial identity from being stolen is to limit it to airport and border security use cases

By Martin Zizi

When dealing with airport and border security, we need databases, we need to share information and we need law enforcement.

Are You Throwing Money Away

Are You Throwing Money Away

Turn your VMS into a data collection device and have it work for you By Scott Seraboff M

By Scott Seraboff

Millions of video surveillance cameras around the world are losing money.

Making it Work

Making it Work

Workplace security programs and protocols that can stop dangerous and damaging incidents before they happen

By Tim Williams

The first step in any security plan is assessing the risk that could impact a company, venue and/or business sector.

The Future Looks a Lot Like You and Me

The Future Looks a Lot Like You and Me

The rise of facial recognition is making us safer

By Denis Petrov

From simple photo IDs of the past to 2D barcodes and the now ubiquitous use of video cameras, businesses, schools and venues are constantly looking for better ways to protect people and property.



The Dark Side of the Border

By Ralph C. Jensen

Security at the southern border is critical, but let’s not talk about illegal immigration. There is an issue more compelling and serious than what you’ve been seeing in the headlines recently.


The Year of the Cloud

By Richard Sheppard

People are always trying to predict industry trends, but virtually all of the predicted trends I have read lately are just a subset of the benefits offered by cloud managed video.

Dealer Strategies

More Than Just Security

Follow the sequence of events for success

By Bob Dolan

As technology has advanced, security has branched out beyond simple surveillance and intruder deterrence.

Selecting the Right Access Control System

Selecting the Right Access Control System

You have the necessary experience, but think about the specifications for the job

By J. Matthew Ladd

With a password on each computer and a cardbased access control system on the door, many businesses feel they have their bases covered when it comes to both logical and physical security.


New Products

  • A8V MIND

    A8V MIND

    Hexagon’s Geosystems presents a portable version of its Accur8vision detection system. A rugged all-in-one solution, the A8V MIND (Mobile Intrusion Detection) is designed to provide flexible protection of critical outdoor infrastructure and objects. Hexagon’s Accur8vision is a volumetric detection system that employs LiDAR technology to safeguard entire areas. Whenever it detects movement in a specified zone, it automatically differentiates a threat from a nonthreat, and immediately notifies security staff if necessary. Person detection is carried out within a radius of 80 meters from this device. Connected remotely via a portable computer device, it enables remote surveillance and does not depend on security staff patrolling the area. 3

  • PE80 Series

    PE80 Series by SARGENT / ED4000/PED5000 Series by Corbin Russwin

    ASSA ABLOY, a global leader in access solutions, has announced the launch of two next generation exit devices from long-standing leaders in the premium exit device market: the PE80 Series by SARGENT and the PED4000/PED5000 Series by Corbin Russwin. These new exit devices boast industry-first features that are specifically designed to provide enhanced safety, security and convenience, setting new standards for exit solutions. The SARGENT PE80 and Corbin Russwin PED4000/PED5000 Series exit devices are engineered to meet the ever-evolving needs of modern buildings. Featuring the high strength, security and durability that ASSA ABLOY is known for, the new exit devices deliver several innovative, industry-first features in addition to elegant design finishes for every opening. 3

  • Unified VMS

    AxxonSoft introduces version 2.0 of the Axxon One VMS. The new release features integrations with various physical security systems, making Axxon One a unified VMS. Other enhancements include new AI video analytics and intelligent search functions, hardened cybersecurity, usability and performance improvements, and expanded cloud capabilities 3