ISC East: Convergence Is Now In Operation

Last year the buzz was all about convergence. This year’s ISC East tradeshow is about a Security Operations Center, but guess what, it’s the same thing. The SOC is a brilliant idea that integrates physical security and enterprise IT products, and the largest public demonstration of physical security and enterprise IT security convergence.

The focus from SOC will segment into four pretty hot vertical markets, including retail, government, education and banking. In my way of thinking, the security operations center has everything to do with those same issues that are relevant to urban area security. Each vertical market focuses on relevant security concerns, plus is addresses technology standards proven to solve the problems.

Here’s what you’ll get out of this. Design questions and integrations concerns will be addressed through real-world experience and case studies. Plus, ISC East is co-located with Infosecurity where exhibitors will talk about IP surveillance video, networked access control, intrusion detection, wired and wireless network security products. The two tradeshow together have become a powerhouse in the New York region.

The Security Operations Center is the most intriguing because security workers are involved with information portability. We are dealing with building, network and application security threats in technology silos. This prevents enterprise risk situational awareness and results in security incident responses being slower or ineffective via the lack of timely security information sharing. SOC demonstrates advanced information portability concepts in a multi-vendor solution.

So, what makes convergence successful? It’s blending the physical and information security disciplines into one SOC whereby both may leverage the advances in technology. It also means they share common best practices, and they are able to connect the physical and logical security policies. The results will be astounding as a complete enterprise security network. The demonstration will be both industries’ best practices, connected.

About the Author

Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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