ISC East Is In The Books

Realizing what I write is purely opinion, I did want to share my perspective of this year’s ISC East in New York. The two-day event is over and in the books. My view is the tradeshow was a whopping success. Though it started a little slow on Sept. 11, that could be due to the rain and several memorial services planned that morning to honor those people who were killed six years ago.

Once the show gathered momentum, it was full speed ahead.

Show staff, lead by Beth Blake of Reed Exhibitions, hosted a Meet the Press panel early Wednesday morning that was a raving success. I was joined by several industry magazine and online editors at the event. We were able to talk about our editorial focus, the readership of the magazines and online products and the specifics of contributing to each magazine or Web site.

Without exception, the consensus was that as far as gathering news, send it to us and let us determine which venue it better fits. My contemporaries and myself have several different news outlets in which to publish news of the security industry.

If you’re thinking about sending press releases, the information should come at all times during the year, not just at tradeshow events. And here’s a little secret that will make editors really happy, put your press kits on a thumb drive. There are generally lots of press kits available to the media, and the smaller size, the better.

The best rule of thumb is that if you feel you have a newsworthy story, take a few moments and send the idea to an editor. If we don’t know what you’re thinking, it’s more difficult to help.

Working in the trade media is a rare opportunity for editors to help you build your profile and market your products. Feel free to call me any time with thoughts or ideas. I can be reached at (972) 687-6745, or by e-mail at

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Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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