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ISC East In The Books, But Work Continues

The books may be closed on ISC East in New York, but the association is still a hub of activity.

Wendy Diddell, the executive vice president of corporate development at Richardson Electronics, has been elected president of the Security Industry Association’s board of directors for 2007-2009.

As president, Diddell will guide SIA’s outreach, strategic planning, member services and international business relations. She is particularly interested in the association’s volunteer leadership and member involvement. She also said she was interested in creating venues to orchestrate the convergence of IT and security.

An important key to this appointment of leadership is that Diddell chaired SIA’s marketing and member services committee, and also has served on the steering committee for the Corporate Security Roundtable.

EIght new members were also added to SIA’s board. They include Brett Bontrager (Stanley); Bill Bozeman (PSA); Dr. Alan Calegari (Dedicated Micros); Antonio Cintra (UTC); Bob Mckee (Pelco); Fredrik Nilsson (Axis); John Stroia (Diebold) and Bill Stuntz (Cisco Systems Inc.)

Good choices, each and every one.

About the Author

Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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