Wisconsin Poll Reveals Support for Background Checks on Gun Sales

Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort Executive Director, Jeri Bonavia, released the following information and statement recently in response to the new International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) groundbreaking report: "Taking a Stand: Reducing Gun Violence in Our Communities."

See the IACP complete report here: http://www.freedomstatesalliance.com/docs/Embargoed_IACP_Report.pdf

The IACP report calls on local, state and federal lawmakers to enact almost 40 recommendations to reduce gun violence and reverse the nationwide upswing in violent crime. One of the most effective recommendations from IACP was a requirement to conduct criminal background checks prior to all gun sales.

This concurs with a comprehensive, statewide bipartisan poll recently commissioned by Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort, which found that there is overwhelming public support for a law that would require background on all gun sales.

The poll was jointly conducted by a right-leaning polling firm, Overbrook Research, and by a left-leaning firm, Lake Research Partners. WAVE is planning a comprehensive release of the poll results in the coming weeks.

Some highlights of the Wisconsin statewide bipartisan poll:
• Eight out of ten likely Wisconsin voters support requiring a background check on all gun sales;
• 85 percent of Wisconsin residents, including 80 percent of gun owners, think gun violence is a serious problem;
• Seven out of ten NRA supporters or members support background checks on all gun sales.

"This groundbreaking report from our nation's police chiefs highlights the need to address gun violence with sensible and effective policies," said Jeri Bonavia. "Specifically, the chiefs of police and the people of Wisconsin agree that conducting background checks on all gun sales is an effective way to reduce gun violence and make our communities safer."

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