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As the end of ASIS approaches, the aisles start to clear. The red carpet below my feet is actually visible now. Today was our last day at the show, and it was my intention to take this day easy. From yesterday, though, Firetide made me not tell about their latest announcement, which was embargoed until Thursday, so I assume it’s safe to tell now. The company’s most recent deployment is with the city of Chicago in coordination with IBM. In my opinion, this is big news. IBM hasn’t been a major name in the security industry for as long as I’ve known it and now it’s involved in a major security-related partnership with another newbie in the industry -- mesh networking. Look for more information on that in the next issue of Security Products magazine. Here are other highlights from today.

11 a.m. – Meet with Bruce Doneff of DVtel. He tells of exciting new deployments the company has secured recently, both nationally and internationally. In addition, a port client of the company agreed to another $1 million contract with the company to increase its installation. Furthermore, Doneff said that there are greater opportunities ahead for the IP UserGroup introduced about a year and a half ago. The group’s next conference will come to Dallas.

12:30 p.m. – Meet with International SOS. This company is one I’ve never heard of before, probably because its security approach is different from that of which I’m used to dealing with. It’s a security consulting firm, in a sense. If your company employs frequent travelers, this might be someone you need to get in contact with. They have a center and professionals on-hand to help secure some types of critical situations. For example, if you have a high-profile employee traveling into a dangerous country, International SOS would be able to advise the necessary processes your company should take to help secure this employee while they’re doing business in this country. That may include some type of body guards or safety procedures.

1:30 p.m. – Attend a session on the private sector’s role in fusion centers. This was an interesting session that led me to believe that fusion centers might not be working yet the way they’re intended to work. You can read more about that in the ASIS e-news story, “The Truth About Fusion Centers.”

That concludes my last day at ASIS. Look for our follow-up reviews about the show in our next ASIS e-newsletter.

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Karina Sanchez is the former managing editor for Security Products magazine. She now freelances for Web publishers, trade magazines and corporations.

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