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Halloween Safety Tips

More than 35 million children between the ages of 5 and 13 will hit the streets in costume this Halloween. Although hours of planning and preparation are spent on costumes, decorations and parties, many people fail to consider the importance of security.

"Today, most parents check their children's candy to ensure that it is in a sealed wrapper and safe to eat," said Steve Jones, executive vice president and CEO of Universal Protection Service. "However, in addition to the candy check, there are several other actions parents and guardians can take to increase the safety on this fun night," says Jones.

Also, remember that safety on this bewitching night not only applies to children and parents, but to homeowners and motorists as well. Incorporating the suggestions below into your Halloween plans will make certain that everyone has an enjoyable, spooky and safe Halloween.

  • Plan a route to follow in a familiar neighborhood.
  • Accompany children from house-to-house.
  • Take a flashlight.
  • Only go to houses with lit porch lights.
  • Stay on sidewalks and walk facing traffic.
  • Make sure children's costumes are well-fitted, flame retardant and don't obstruct their ability to see.
  • Apply reflective tape to costumes and on trick-or-treat bags.
  • Consider having each child carry an ID card or bracelet that includes their address and home telephone number.
  • Position pumpkins and candles away from traffic on walkways and steps.
  • Motorists should stay alert and observant for children running into the street.

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