Protection One Introduces e-Secure For Businesses

Protection One Inc. recently introduced e-Secure for business security. The company's new offering features modern ways for customers to conveniently control and monitor their business security systems offsite, using an Internet-connected computer, PDA or a text-enabled cell phone.

An e-Secure customer can log in to Protection One's interactive Web site to control and monitor their company's security system. At Protection One’s Web site, a business owner or manager can check alarm status, arm and disarm the system, view system history, add and delete users, etc., all from the same Web site. Notification lists can also be set up online to determine who receives an e-mail or text alert about alarm and non-alarm activity and under what circumstances.

"e-Secure can be a very valuable tool for almost any business," said Richard Ginsburg, Protection One's president and CEO. "Not only can e-Secure's remote access capabilities save time, protect inventory, and increase productivity for a business, but by getting business owners or managers quickly involved with real-time notifications, it can also help reduce false alarms and enhance alarm verification."

Protection One's new offering gives its customers 24-hour access to their business security system, while still receiveing full central station service.

"e-Secure customers are really getting two systems in one; a traditional security system that's monitored by Protection One's central station, and a system that can be controlled and monitored remotely and directly by the customer," Ginsburg said. "We have integrated security-system, Internet and wireless-communication technologies into a comprehensive business security system that helps provide peace of mind while allowing for superior control and access as well as helpful business management tools."

By sending an e-mail and/or text message, Protection One's e-Secure also can alert customers to alarm events, such as break-ins or the presence of smoke, carbon monoxide, etc., as well as non-alarm events, like when restricted or dangerous areas are accessed. In addition, e-Secure can notify Protection One customers when environmental accidents, like water leaks and temperature extremes happen, which may damage or destroy valuable assets and inventory or harm employees or customers.

"We've worked closely with Honeywell to develop an advanced, 128-bit encrypted site that allows our customers to securely communicate with their alarm panels," Ginsburg said. "We've also made the user interface customer friendly and intuitive, so that anyone who can use the Web will be able to fully utilize e-Secure. "e-Secure is particularly helpful for our customers who travel and who rely on advanced technology to help run their businesses. Our philosophy has been squarely focused on serving our customers with products that meet their growing and changing needs, and e-Secure is a result of that focus. We constantly strive to keep pace with our customers' busy lifestyles and, with e-Secure, we've found a way to truly serve them better."

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