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New Heathrow Terminal To Sport Forward Vision PTZ Cameras

Security planners at the new Heathrow Terminal 5 in London have specified Forward Vision's Mic1-400 PTZ cameras for surveillance of key external areas. The is project being handled by NTL Business.

Forty-six of the rugged speed domes, also known as 'Metal Mickeys', are being used as part of the £70m security and telecommunications network at airport.

Previously, 20 MIC1-400s -- featuring high-precision resolver technology and 18x optical zoom (12x digital) -- have already been installed at Heathrow.

Since 2002, the cameras have provided uninterrupted surveillance of one of the airport's key road tunnels, monitoring high traffic volumes round the clock. The project's planners say one of their key priorities has been to find equipment which delivers long term reliability -- the technology currently being installed must not only meet the highest standards now, but must continue to deliver optimum performance well into the future.

"Following the original installation, Forward Vision MIC1-400s were specified again because they were the best cameras available for the job," said Tim Woodward of NTL Business.

The creation of Heathrow's new IP-based security and data hub is a major undertaking, with each component being tested on a dummy system before it is installed on the real network. The high-bandwidth network comprises around 2.5 million meters of cabling which will carry a range of operational systems, including CCTV, voice, access control data and building management systems. The MIC1-400s ability to seamlessly integrate into virtually any system, in this case as part of the IP-based network, is a major advantage for installers.

"The Mic1-400 has proved its performance and durability at some of the world's highest profile and most demanding locations," said Peter Beare, managing director of Forward Vision. "The Heathrow T5 installation is another example of the MIC1-400 being the camera of choice where the highest standards are required."

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