Federal Government To Spend $345 Million On Identity, Access Management In 2008

GSA's inability to issue Personal Identity Verification compliant cards to its own employees and Managed Service Office customers by OMB's October 2007 deadline delays the implementation of HSPD-12, but still drives $345 million in spending by the federal government on identity and access management, according to a new report released by INPUT.

INPUT expects the federal market to grow by 6.2 percent annually through 2012.

"Vendor opportunities will emerge as agencies begin to actively upgrade physical security systems and IT assets to operate with the issued cards," said Chris Campbell, a senior analyst with INPUT. "Deadlines, such as HSPD-12, almost always require agencies to invest in new systems and services to achieve them. They just don't have the bench strength to achieve such initiatives without the help of industry."

The report, available at http://iam.input.com/, analyzes the prospects that may emerge for vendors as a result of agencies failing to comply with federal information security mandates.

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