DDS Solution To Monitor Protected Doors At 2008 Summer Olympics In China

DDS, a manufacturer of access control and alarm management solutions, recently announced its solution has been selected to monitor more than 60 percent of the doors being protected for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing.

DDS systems will supervise about 2000 doors across 10 main structures, including the Olympic Village, the Chinese Olympic Committee Tower, the Olympic Sports Center Stadium, the Baseball Stadium, the Bicycle Stadium, the Media Center Building and the Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium.

DDS Solutions have been integrated via OPC into the wider security management system specially developed for the Olympic Games. The company’s All-in-one card security solution has been selected for deployment in the Olympic village to manage movement of thousands of athletes through 700 doors and 200 elevators. A single proximity badge will be used for entering the buildings and parking lots, sport facilities as well as entering points of sale spread throughout the site, simplifying access control management without compromising security.

In a context of terrorist threats, with the added factor of possible huge losses from systems malfunctions, security is a top priority. The organizing committee sought solutions based on advanced security management systems to ensure a pleasant and safe environment for the large number of athletes and staff.

The number of people who will be supervised by DDS during the Olympic Games will include: 15,000 athletes from 203 countries, 20,000 journalists, and ten of thousands of staff workers. In selecting DDS, the organizing committee was seeking a high-performing access control solution that would be easy to integrate with other security systems, easy to install and use and competitively priced.

“The Chinese Olympic Committee had very specific security requirements,” said DDS co-founder Binyamin Machado. “DDS customized solutions combined with the professional services provided by our technical support team helped us win these projects.”

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