Chicago Police Use AirVisual Technology To Integrate Surveillance Systems

AirVisual Inc., a provider for the enterprise security and public-safety market, recently announced it has successfully deployed its IntelliViewer 2.0 software for use by first responders from the Chicago Police Department.

The system, purchased and integrated by RMS Technology Solutions, has been added to the existing camera network to give the Chicago PD the ability to deliver pre-recorded and live video and other critical information to computer terminals and mobile devices. The system also gives the CPD the ability to integrate disparate security surveillance systems onto a single emergency response platform, while delivering the information wirelessly to responders over any network and to virtually any mobile device.

“AirVisual is very excited to have the opportunity to partner with RMS and the Chicago Police Department for this deployment of our IntelliViewer System,” said Tom Hansen, AirVisual’s founder and CEO. “This is a great tool for the distribution and sharing of information amongst first responders and also private security elements to deal with the growing demand for city wide security and public safety. With the ability to share collected visual information on one, peer-to-peer real time platform, it will deliver results because it reduces the time to respond with fewer unknowns”.

The IntelliViewer 2.0 system is an open architecture, multi-vendor, IP-based content distribution platform created to deliver live camera and video images and text-based data to desktop and mobile subscribers from a wide-variety of content sources.

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