Mexican Transport Firm Uses Unified Video, Access Control

 DVTel Inc. recently announced that Transportes Aguila de Oro uses the DVTel intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) to provide unified video and access control at it offices and shipping terminals located in Monterey, Santa Rosa and Laredo. GBS, headquartered in Monterrey, oversaw system planning and installation.

The system is a unified access control and video solution, comprised of 100 cameras and approximately 75 access points distributed in several buildings in the three cities. HID Global supplied key components of the IP-based access control system, including 45 iCLASS® readers, 25 VertXTM V2000 readers, 4 bioCLASSTM readers for the office and one EdgePlusTM reader.

Transportes Aguila de Oro ships cargo throughout North America and as such must meet strict trade and terrorism compliance standards in order to carry on business smoothly. The iSOC video data and superior functionality enables Transportes Aguila de Oro to obtain necessary C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certification.

Such compliance demands close, effective control of cargo and cargo loading at all times. Another end user objective was to unify and control staff time and attendance, even at locations where there are no supervisors. The access control system also limits access in certain areas at specific times to only approved individuals. The video surveillance system watches all entrance and loading areas, as well as perimeters to minimize theft of assets.

The DVTel iSOC system custom interface is highly advanced with features that include a GPS map, a network map, and the full array of camera views. The system has been in operation for approximately six months and the company is pleased with its performance.

“We have one system with one interface,” said Raúl Treviño, Transportes Aguila de Oro general manager, “which lets us provide facilities with the highest standard of security certification for our customers. Furthermore, this unified system enables us to improve security while managing several different operations functions at the same time. We expect a substantial return on investment in terms of reduced theft, improved time and attendance, and more effective compliance with an ever-increasing set of demands in order to do business across Mexico, the United States and Canada.”

“The system is so open and flexible that it was very easy to integrate onto our network, and to operate and maintain it,” said Angel Rodríguez, Transportes Aguila de Oro CIO.

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